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  4. Services – packing, piano moving, extra flights of stairs, etc. are all unique to a specific move.
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United States Moving Service 4.8

1. Interstate Moving Broker.
2. Licensed, Insured, Bonded.
3. Moving to and from Alaska.
4. Household Goods and Auto Transport

Quick Estimate 866-478-4007
Best for Affordable Rates

American Moving Solutions 4.5

1. Affordable State-to-State Moving Rates.
2. A Fully Licensed Moving Broker.
3. BBB B- Rated since 2021.
4. Does not offer Auto Transport option.

Quick Estimate 866-577-1454
Best for High-End Moves

Planet Van Lines 4.5

1. Premium State-to-State Moving Services.
2. BBB A+ Rated since 2021.
3. Carrier and Broker.
4. Household Goods and Auto Transport

Quick Estimate 866-491-3535

2 Men and A Truck

Two Men and a Truck moving company is one of the nation’s leading full-service moving companies. It’s easy to see why this company is becoming so popular, they offer excellent customer service, comprehensive home, and business relocation packages. Choose a package to suit your budget. Full-service moving includes packing, unpacking, and junk removal.

  • images/2-men-and-a-truck-moving-company
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    4. A family and moving boxes..min.jpg
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    6. A Two Men and a Truck branded vehicle. Two staff members are busy unpacking the truck at the new destination.min.jpg
    7. Moving truck on the road.min.png

Services on offer include:

  • Local Moving
  • Junk removal
  • Warehouse storage
  • Long-distance moving
  • Packing services
  • Boxes and supplies

Another reason this company is so popular is that they always put the customer first and tailor each move to suit the individual requirements of the client. People are so happy with their service that they have a customer referral rate of 96%. They are ready to tackle just about any move with their fleet of over 3000 trucks and they can be found in over 350 locations worldwide.

If you’re looking for a full-service moving company that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, then Two Men and a Truck has exactly what you need. Introducing Value Flex.

Advantages of hiring Two Men and a Truck moving service

  • Exclusive space is allocated for each customer’s item
  • Permanent employees load and unload your items for added peace of mind
  • The highest level of customer service
  • Free furniture protection and moving blankets

Two Men a Truck Moving Costs

  • Moving using a full-service moving expert such as Two Men and a Truck will take the stress out of moving. They will take care of all your moving requirements.
  • A cartoon drawing of a truck with two people inside next to the company logo

Two Men and a Truck moving costs are all-inclusive. Design a package to suit your requirements. To receive a no-obligation free quote, contact Two Men and a Truck. They will come and provide a comprehensive quote. Set up your package and they will take care of you every step of the way. They ensure that they stick to your timeline and keep you updated every step of the way during the moving.

The cost to hire Two Men and a Truck is much more reasonable than most other moving companies.

Only your items will be loaded onto the truck so there is no chance that you receive the wrong boxes. Staff pack and unpack carefully and do everything in their power to keep your items safe and secure during the move. Phone around for moving estimates to find the best price.


Two Men and a Truck offers various long-distance moving services. The fastest and most popular is the expedited service. The staff that packs your boxes and loads the truck, will drive directly to your new house and start unloading straight away. This means your items never need to be stored and you won’t have to wait days for them to be delivered.

If you opt for the Value Flex service, your belongings will be put into containers and sent to the nearest Two Men and a Truck Franchise. The team at the new location will then deliver the items to your new home. This process may take slightly longer but the cost-saving factor makes it a very popular option.

The consultant will call you and ask you what requirements you have. They will gather as much information as possible by talking to you, then they will set up an in-home estimate. Prices are charged by weight and mileage. There is an additional option to add valuation coverage to protect your more valuable items.


When you need to move long-distance Two Men and a Truck have you covered. They offer value for money packages that make the move as stress-free as possible. From packing your old home to unpacking at your new one, they will take care of everything so you don’t even need to lift a finger. Choose between two popular options. Expedited or value Flex.

The Expedited long-distance moving service guarantees delivery dates and times. This means you won’t need to wait around for your items to be delivered.

There are two Value Flex options, the first option is that your items are packed into a 16ft container then moved to your new location. This option is great for small homes or apartments. The second option is the crate option. This option is ideal when you need to move a few pieces of furniture or a couple of small items.


Two Men and a Truck offer cross-country moving services. The further you need to move the higher the cost will be. There are various things you need to consider, these include the moving company, if you want a full-service mover or if you prefer the DIY approach. If you need to save costs before you move, you should consider getting rid of everything that you don’t use anymore.

Either sell it to get some extra cash to pay for the move or donate it to someone else that can use it.

Moving will be costly so try to do as much as you can yourself, this will help save you money. The Expedited long-distance moving option promises speedy delivery and arrival times.

Estimated costs are as follows

Estimated moving costs: On average a local moving company charges $125 per hour for 2 movers and a truck. This move usually takes between 6 – 10 hours to complete, with an average cost of $750 – $1,250.

Average Moving Costs:

1 man and a truck – $79 per hour

2 men and a truck – $119 per hour

3 men and a truck – $159 per hour

4 men and a truck – $199 per hour

Long-distance movers charge per cubic foot. This price will depend on the route.

Average cubic foot count:

● 1 bedroom – 200cf

● 2 bedrooms – 350cf

● 3 bedrooms – 1200cf

● 4 bedrooms – 2000cf

Each Franchise is independently owned so the rates may vary. Most charge hourly for local moves and by weight and miles for long-distance moves. Contact Two Men and a Truck for additional pricing information.

The cheapest moving options

Save your pocket by opting for one of the value flex-long distance moving packages. There are two options to select between.

  1. Container moves – This is ideal for smaller homes or apartments. The container will be carefully loaded ensuring your belongings are safe and transported to one of the Two Men and a Truck Franchise in your new city. Once you’re ready the movers will come and unpack your belongings into your new home.
  2. Crate moves – With this option, your items will be packed into crates and transported by a reliable third-party service to the nearest Two Men and a Truck Franchise closest to your new home. The staff will then unpack your crates at your new destination. This option is best for moving a few small items or one room.


  • Don’t forget to add additional costs such as insurance into your moving cost estimations. Think about whether you will need full or partial coverage.
  • Two movers speaking in front of the truck

Insurance: Two Men and a Truck offer moving insurance otherwise known as moving valuation is the insurance that covers your items during transit. This protects your items in the case they are lost or damaged during the mood. The cost of the insurance will depend on the distance you are moving, the type of items you are moving, and how many items you need to relocate.

Make a list of your items, remember to add smaller items such as shoes and cutlery. Add a value to these items to give yourself an estimation of how much it would cost to replace them. If you’re moving larger items, you should weigh them.

The two insurance options are full-replacement or basic cover. Once you know how much your items are worth, you can decide on the type of cover that you require.

Basic cover: This cover comes at no additional costs but has a set price of 60c per pound per household item. This doesn’t cover the cost to replace the item and only pays per pound.

Full-value protection: Covers the full cost of each item. The items will need to be evaluated before they are packed. Clients are charged a premium usually between $4-$6 per pound per item. Some companies charge a deductible fee. If you’re transporting expensive items this may be the better option.

Moving special items will also come at an additional cost:


Did you think that moving a piano is straightforward? Do you simply pick it up and put it on the truck? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems. Pianos are very delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. If you have narrow hallways or stairs to navigate the task will be even more complicated. Moving the piano will require a large enough vehicle and many hands to make lifting easy.

In this case, it’s better to hire professional movers to assist you. They will have all the necessary equipment needed to safely move your piano from one location to another. They will also have strong men that can take care of all the lifting requirements.

When you hire a professional moving company such as Two Men and a Truck to relocate your piano you will benefit from the following:

  • Less stress and pressure: The movers will tackle all the responsibilities, and if things don’t go according to plan, the company’s insurance should pay for the damages.
  • They are highly skilled: This is their profession so they will be able to accomplish the task, quickly and efficiently. They will have all the tools they need and special protection for the piano while it’s in transit.


Hot tubs are particularly massive and extremely heavy. Moving a hot tub is very hard work and requires a lot of heavy lifting. It calls for cautious attention and planning in advance. First, you need to arrange transport, full-service movers such as Two Men and a Truck will transport the hot tubeasily. They have all the tools and equipment that you need. Although, you might be tempted to do it yourself. It would be very difficult to find a large enough vehicle and enough people to transport it to the truck.

Hot tubs are very expensive to replace so it’s better to get an expert to move it on your behalf. Taking addition or full coverage insurance is highly recommended when transporting a hot tub.

  • Two men and a Truck moving company will help you to move your precious belongings. They will have all the necessary equipment needed to safely move your belongings from one location to another.
  • Moving truck in front of cinema.

A pool table is another item that you may think you can move, but you should actually contact the experts such as Two Men and a Truck for assistance when moving a pool table. A pool table is difficult to move because it’s made up of many different small very delicate components. If the table is bumped, even slightly, then the balance will be off and your next pool game won’t run very smoothly.

That’s why it’s crucial to hire expert pool table movers. These professionals have special tools that allow them to move the pool table without damaging it, they will ensure that it isn’t damaged during transit.


Moving bulky items is difficult, it’s hard to find an easy way to carry them and they can be a complete nightmare if you need to navigate through small doors and narrow hallways.

Hiring an expert such as Two Men and a Truck to move bulky items can be quite expensive but if you can afford to, then you should. If, however, the price of hiring an expert isn’t in your budget. This is one assignment that you could tackle as long as you plan and get some help from your friends.

  • The most important step to moving bulky furnishings is to plan. You will need to take accurate measurements of the items you wish to move.

Measure the doorways and small spaces that you need to navigate through. It is important to make sure that they will fit before lifting them. Formulate a plan, and get as many people to help as possible.

  • Another top tip is to remove any doors that the items need to be moved through. There should be a clear pathway to the moving truck, free from any obstructions. Remove anything that the movers might trip over.


  • Two Men and a Truck offers full-service moving so they will pack on your behalf. If you prefer the DIY approach you can find all the moving supplies you need at Two Men and a Truck.
  • A family packing Two Men and a Truck Boxes, they are smiling because it’s so easy and they know that Two Men and a Truck will take care of everything for them.


If you need to move, locally contact Two Men and a Truck. This is a company that you know you can trust. They have a customer referral rating of 96% and hundreds of positive reviews. They specialize in moving apartments, condos, high-rises, and office buildings. Teams are very professional and highly trained to handle your move with the utmost care.


Getting rid of the clutter in your home is the first step in the packing process. No one likes doing this job! Lucky for you, Two Men and a Truck junk removal service can take care of this task on your behalf.

Junk removal services include:

  • Getting rid of furniture when downsizing
  • Garage clearing and cleaning
  • Cleanouts after foreclosure or eviction
  • Cleaning after home or business renovations
  • Professionally trained staff will declutter and remove any unwanted items from your property. This will be done carefully as not to cause any damage to your property. Hazardous materials can’t be relocated and will need special disposal.
  • Two movers standing in front of junk removal truck

Items that can be removed include:

  • Appliances
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Household furniture
  • Business furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Electronics
  • Exercise equipment
  • TVs

You will be charged based on truck utilization; This is measured in 1/8 cubic foot increments.

If you need help finding a reputable moving company then you could hire a broker vs moverto help you find the perfect company.


One of the most time-consuming and mundane tasks is packing and unpacking. Two Men and a Truck packing servicewill do all the hard work for you. Let their team take care of packing your boxes professionally. It will save you a lot of time. They will supply everything you need to pack your boxes including safety items such as bubble wrap and moving blankets.

All boxes are labeled and put onto a checklist, this will ensure that nothing is left behind and all items are accounted for once it’s time to unpack. Packing rates and costs are determined by each franchise. Typically, you will be charged an hourly rate. If you need a large home packed you may qualify for a discounted rate. The packing service includes unpacking once you arrive at your new destination.


Two Men and a Truck pack like a pro and have you covered when it comes to moving supplies. They have a wide selection of competitively priced boxes and other packing supplies that you may need. There are various boxes available from small boxes, to extra-large wardrobe boxes and everything in between. If you’re not sure how many boxes you’ll require, there is a handy box calculator available to give you a better idea of how many you may need.

Proper packing is essential to ensure that your items aren’t damaged during transit. Items such as packing paper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap will prevent your items from being damaged while they are being transported.


Do you need to store your items before you can move them into your new home? Two Men and a Truck offer onsite storage facilities. No matter how many boxes you need to store, there are different size storage units to suit your requirements. All storage units are protected by security to ensure that your items remain safe during storage. If you have very valuable items that need to be stored there is an onsite vaulted warehouse.


Relocating your office has never been easier with Two Men and a Truck office relocation. They will take care of your move while minimizing downtime. Simply leave the packing to the experts so you can get on with running your business. Moving items such as computers and electronic equipment requires special skills and may require special tools. The professional movers are highly skilled and will ensure that nothing is damaged during the relocation process.

Services include:

  • Moving office equipment
  • Furniture moving and installation
  • Corporate moving services
  • Warehousing and storage solutions
  • Packing and unpacking services


  • Two Men and a Truck takes special care when loading and unloading your items. The staff are highly trained and treat your items as if they were their own.
  • A Two Men and a Truck branded vehicle that is being unloaded by two men. Standing on the pavement.
Full-service movingThey will take care of the entire move so you don’t need to lift a finger.The service can be costly compared to DIY moving.
No driving aroundAll the trucks are fitted with GPS so there is less chance that they will get lots. There is no need to drive around.You won’t have access to your items during the move and you will need to drive to the new location using your own transport.
InsuranceThey offer excellent insurance options.Extra full-cover insurance may be costly
StorageThere are several different storage options available.Storing items for a long period can end up costing a lot of money


  • PODS

Two Men and a Truck offer a great moving alternative, renting a POD(Portable on-demand storage) These are transportable boxes that can be used whilst moving long distances. Expect to be charged anywhere between $349 – $549 to hire a POD.

Long-distance moving will cost an average between $999 – $2,999 depending on which moving package you select. A moving POD can accommodate the average furnishings found in a two-bedroom home or up to 1,200sq.ft.

PODS keep your items safe while you pack, or can be used for storage until you’re ready to relocate. You will be in complete control of the timeline of your move.

Advantages of PODS include:

  • Control of your timeline. This allows you to pack in your own time so you can plan accordingly.
  • Keeps your gadgets and electronics safe while you decide what to keep and what can be donated
  • The moving company will drive the POD to your new location
  • Design your move to suit your circumstances and requirements

If you have a limited budget then you may need to ditch the idea of hiring full-service movers and consider renting a moving truck. Renting a moving truckfrom a reputable moving truck company could be the cheapest way to relocate to your new home.

Although it is going to require far more effort from your side, you can save thousands of dollars by DIY moving. If you’re moving a long distance away, consider hiring a truck from a company that has a franchise in your new city. This way you can hire a truck one way and then drop it off at that location once you’re done unpacking the truck. Some companies may charge additional costs for fuel and the distance traveled.

  • U-HAUL

Another popular option is hiring a U-haul truck, they come in various sizes to accommodate just about any load. The truck is very convenient and less expensive than you may think. All trucks are equipped with tie-downs and rub rails to ensure that your items don’t get damaged during transit. Renting a DIY moving truck allows you to take the move back into your own hands.

Other advantages include:

  • The 24/7 self-service program allows you to reserve, pick up, and drop off your moving truck with an app that is installed on your Smartphone. There is no need to speak to a representative so you don’t need to be under any time constraints.
  • Get $50 if your truck isn’t ready when you need to pick it up.
  • Receive free storage with a one-way rental
  • Each truck has towing capabilities


  • 2 Men and a Truck moving company is reliable relocation company who cares about their clients and offer the best service.
  • Marvelous landscape and moving truck

Moving may be fun but by using a company such as Two Men and a Truck, they will take care of the move on your behalf so you will be a lot less stressed. There are many ways that you can stretch your budget, simply think outside the box.

There are so many things you need to consider when planning a move. This article should help determine how much it will cost to relocate and how to save money while doing so.


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