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Tips for Moving

They say that death, divorce, and moving are three of life’s most stressful occurrences. The latter, however, does not involve grief or a change in family structure and can be a relatively painless, even exciting process if managed correctly. Relocation is like going to the bank- something you dread, something where the anticipation of the big day gnaws at you, but very often not as bad as you might think.

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You want a smooth relocation, you want to pack like a pro and do everything just right! We get that! But for that to happen, you are going to need the sound advice we are about to give you.

This is especially true if you are not equipped with the tools and knowledge as to how to do it correctly. Be it upsizing or downsizing, the principles are the same: if it’s bad make it good, if it’s good make it better.

  • Moving is a big deal and not something we do everyday and that’s why this general household guide to relocating is going to make things a little easier for you
  • Woman standing, surrounded by stacked moving boxes.

An important component of relocation is leaving your old home in a condition that the next people will find acceptable. Whether it is for a landlord, a new tenant, or a new homeowner, it is simply common decency to leave the place in a good state.

Be it small to medium acts of home improvement or simply giving the place a good once-over with a scrubbing brush, a mop, and a broom. Putting a little effort into leaving a place in a state for human habitation can increase the ease with which new tenants can be found or even increase the price for which the premises can be sold or let out. This could well lead to you walking away with more money in your pocket to pour into improving your new home.

There are essentially two components to the chores a person is obliged to perform when leaving an old home behind. The first of these is to ensure everything is in good working order, the second is to ensure that the environment is clean and hygienic.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can ensure these things are done correctly.


Best Home Renovations to Make Before Selling & Relocating

There is always something about our homes we wish we could change. Perhaps there are problems with the plumbing we inherited from homeowners from the past, or cracks in the floor the landlord has been promising to fix but hasn’t. If something like this bothers you, chances are it will bother the new people too.

As a homeowner and someone who wants to potentially increase the value of your home or the amount for which you can rent it out or as a tenant who wants your deposit back, it is important to address these issues before you leave the old home behind entirely.

Be it taking these actions yourself or working together with a landlord to make sure these things get done, you are making relocation for those moving to your house easier- something you would want others to do for you.

You or your landlord may think you are putting yourself out by making renovations to a home in which you will no longer be living but it will be worth it in the long run. Before you relocate, these renovations can really help you get more buck out of the deal.

Here are some examples of simple acts of home improvement you or your landlord can undertake prior to you relocating:

  1. Paint the inside and outside of the home. Nothing attracts buyers or lessors quite like a slick-looking exterior and interior. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for making a property look well-maintained. You may want to wait until all of your furniture has been moved out of the house prior to doing so just to avoid the mess.
  2. Repair any malfunctioning electrics. You will not be able to sell a property with these kind of faults because compliance certificates are a prerequisite for sale. The prospect of electrical fires or electric shock is also very dangerous.
  3. Ensure the plumbing is not faulty. This may be expensive but poor sanitation and water supply are very off-putting to a buyer or tenant.
  4. Ensure the yard is presentable if there is one, particularly if it is likely a family or people with pets may purchase the home.
  5. Ensure that there are no broken windows or unsightly blemishes such as rusted fittings or damaged gutters. People are drawn to homes that are easy on the eye and that look well-maintained and cared for.
  6. If the home has a lack of natural light, consider installing additional windows or at the very least bright artificial light. Dark spaces look smaller and potential buyers or lessees are generally more partial to wide-open spaces.

How to Clean Your House Before Moving Out

A clean house is an inviting house. There is nothing worse than opening the door to your new place of residence only to find that the previous inhabitants left it in a mess. On the day a person moves in they will be tired and frazzled and the last thing they’d want to worry about is how to clean around piles of boxes, suitcases, and as-yet arranged furniture.

If you would like your move to be as easy as possible, you should be courteous enough to ensure that the place you leave behind is as clean as you’d like the place you move into to be.

These are tips for cleaning a home before you leave it behind:

  1. Make sure all your packing is done and remove all the furniture from the house. This will allow you to assess what needs to be done as well as to ensure that you can get to every nook and cranny when you get down to the cleaning. Very often people moving out of a house have left behind possessions they no longer want. Do not do this. The people moving in have their possessions and most likely also do not want your trash.
  2. If you have carpets it is best to have them professionally cleaned. Vacuuming only picks up so much of the dirt and carpets are quite unhygienic. If you have lived in a house for years without doing this, the carpet is probably full of bacteria from pets, food that has fallen to the floor, dust, and possibly even mold.
  3. Kitchens and bathrooms must be cleaned thoroughly with bleach. These spaces are cesspools for the build-up of germs and many corners and enclaves are often neglected due to placements of appliances or because they are simply hard to reach.
  4. Spaces, where appliances like washer-dryers or refrigerators have been standing for long periods, have to be scrubbed to remove any marks on the floors that may have accumulated there. The new residents may not want to place an appliance in that particular area and it may be unsightly to them if the marks remain when they move in.
  5. Gutters on the outside of the home, if any, must be unclogged. The last thing the new folks are going to want is an overflow of rainwater on their first night.

What You Need To Know About Moving Etiquette?

  • Moving etiquette is a real thing and something you should keep in mind during your move. And we have given you the most important tips.
  • Family loading moving boxes.

Moving house, as with anything else, must be done courteously and with a certain etiquette. On the day of a move, there are likely to be any number of people who are stressed out and one false move could upset the apple cart completely and cause something major to go wrong. It is also important to note that new homeowners or tenants may be moving in on the day that you move out or vice versa.

In that case, there are two sets of people on edge and with competing interests. In this case, one wrong move and you can be delayed for hours, if not days.

Here are a few pointers as to how a single person or family should behave when interacting with each other and the people around them when they move:

  1. Before the move, roles and responsibilities must be assigned to everyone involved. This is to avoid confusion and duplication of tasks. Everyone’s task should be within the ambit of their abilities and everyone must indicate their willingness to do their task. You can’t always keep everyone happy but you can at the very least prevent everyone from being unhappy.
  2. You must endeavor to be as organized as possible. Boxes must be packed and valuables wrapped well in advance. This will prevent chaos on the day of the move.
  3. You should not take your frustrations out on those around you. Everyone is there to help and is doing what they can. This isn’t a fun day for anyone. From your partners, children, friends who have come to help, removal of men and women, landlords, realtors, and anyone else involved, it is always important to remember to treat people with dignity and understand that they are mostly trying to help in the best way they know-how. Teamwork makes for dream work.
  4. Are you moving with kids? Moving is especially difficult for children and teenagers. Not only is it hard to say goodbye to their old home but it is a long and boring day for them where they’d rather be doing anything else. If they cannot contribute to the process constructively do not force them to be a part of it, it will only make things more difficult. Cash in that favor with the mom across the street and let them go over there for the day.

Whether you are moving streets, suburbs or states, relocation is a challenging process. However, moving to a functional, inviting and clean home represents the start of something good- of forwarding motion.

How to Tackle Difficult Moves

Tips for tackling awkward moves will help you to help reduce your moving house stress. At the best of times, moving home is complex and it involves a great deal of organizing and planning. Difficult moves even more so! These include moving large homes or isolated properties with limited access, for example.

Other factors such as automobile transport can add to the stress of a difficult move. And you need to know what to do to make your life just a little easier and this is how.

Large Properties/Mansions Relocations

Organizing the vast amounts of items in a large home is a huge task. And at the start of it, it might feel like an impossible task. But a few quick tips is all you need to make things run smoothly.


Before you even think of packing, you need to declutter each room. By reducing the items that you need moved, you will make the move more manageable and cost-effective.

Work Systematically

Create a packing plan by listing all of the rooms in your home. You should include any outbuildings or lofts. will allow you to work through each room and plan how you are going to pack. Once you have an idea of what you are working with, you can go ahead and arrange, in order of importance, how your packing plan should go.

Helping Hands

The more hands, the better. You will probably want to get some additional manpower if you are moving larger homes. Professional movers are always the best option for moving large moves or difficult moves.

Moving From Isolated Properties

We get it. It is a calm and relaxing experience living on an isolated property. However, it definitely has its challenges when it comes to moving. Are you moving from an isolated property? This is what you should know.

Limited Property Access

The best thing you could possibly do is convey this to the moving company from the very start. You want them to be well-prepared if they are able to take on the job. Not declaring this might end up costing far more than your original moving company estimate.

Potential Risks

There might be slightly out of the ordinary risks when moving from isolated properties. Be honest with the moving company to allow them to create contingency plans where appropriate.

Preparation is Key

The best way to handle a move is to be prepared. Keep clear lines of communication with your removals company and any other parties involved in your relocation. The success of a move ultimately depends on the planning and preparation thereof.

Save on Moving Costs with These Tips

What are the average costs of moving? The short answer. Very expensive. On average, you’re looking at between $80 to $100 per hour for local moves and around $2,000 to $5,000 when moving cross-country.

Other factors influence the overall cost of your move. If you require auto transport services, storage services or specialty moving services, you can expect the above estimate costs to climb quite radically. Moving during COVID-19 might incur a few additinal costs due to limited services and resources being available.

So, how can you save on moving costs? Yes. Here are a few tips to help you cut down on costs.

Choose a strategic time to book your movers

You can save lots of cash by scheduling your movers at a strategic time. For example, choosing a weekday will save on moving costs compared to a weekend. Just as you will save moving mid-month as opposed to the end of a month.

Generally, the months between fall and spring are the busiest (and most expensive) time to move. Avoid moving during peak moving times if you want to save on costs. You could save between 20 – 30% if you choose a date that is less popular.

TIP: If possible, book your move as far in advance as possible. This is just another great way to save on moving costs.

Source moving supplies for cheaper

Moving supplies can amount to quite the cost. From moving boxes and other supplies to hiring moving equipment, it all comes at a cost. But there are ways you can source moving supplies for cheaper.

Find moving boxes for free, whether from you local shop or your local Facebook group. Cutting the costs of moving boxes alone will be worth the saving. Get create with the things you already have. Use old linen for protective material as opposed to buying protective packing material. Using creative ways to reuse the old means you just keep saving costs.

TIP: Declutter to save on moving costs. By having less to move means you pay for less to be moved.

Shared load moving can reduce moving costs

If you want to cut moving costs by half you should know about shared load moving services. At the same time, you should be aware of the downside to sharing load space. It takes longer to get to you. The other downside is that somehow the idea of sharing load space raises a few red flags. You should definitely establish how the company mitigates any confusion of goods.

Quick Guide to Creating a Moving Plan

Whether you are planning a household move or an office relocation it can be an incredibly stressful time and one can easily become overwhelmed with everything needing to happen all at once or simply not knowing where to start. One of the simplest ways to combat the associated stresses of moving is to establish a well-thought-out and structured moving plan. Below are some of our best tips to help you create a moving plan:

Set up a budget

If one is not careful, moving costs can easily accumulate and run away from us. Be sure to determine how much you can afford to spend beforehand and be sure to get comparative quotes from moving companies. A budget-friendly tip is to pick up boxes for free at your local grocery store to save on packaging.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to keep some money aside to tip your movers on moving day.

Create a timeline

Staying on track while planning a move can be tough, but not impossible. Set up a timeline wherein you allocate a few hours a day to boxing up one area of your home or office. This ensures you will not become overwhelmed and helps you stay on track to get everything packed up and ready for moving day.

Plan ahead how to transport fragile items

When it comes to precious items like art, antiques, or other fragile items you want to be sure to arrange for special transport to your new premises.

Label all your boxes

Instead of merely writing generic labels such as “office” or “kitchen” on your boxes when it comes to categorizing – try writing out a more detailed list of what each box contains.

Change your address

Be sure to notify your credit providers of any change of residence, as well as update the details on your driver’s license and ID.

Order a deep clean of your new residence

No one wants to move into a house that has not been properly cleaned yet, and certainly few people feel up to spending the whole day moving only to get to the new premises and need to clean. Rather allocate some funds in your moving budget to hiring a team of professional cleaners to come in so you can be assured that your new home is move-in ready.

  • Do you have a moving company dispute? This is what you have to know.
  • Two smiling men in front of white moving company van.

How to Deal with Moving Company Disputes

Handling a move or relocation – even with the best moving plan in place is an incredibly stressful undertaking as there are always certain things that are outside of your control such as bad weather, accidents, or even traffic delays. This can be exacerbated when adding in a dispute with your moving company that needs to be resolved – so what’s the best way to approach this?

Check the contract

Reviewing the fine print of your agreement with the mover is the first step in addressing a dispute with your mover. The fine print may include the required steps to take from your side to lodge a complaint, so adhering to your contract agreement processes will be the best way to ensure you receive the most satisfactory result.

Formally notify the moving company

Once you have reviewed your contract and established the best way to proceed and lodge your complaint – you will need to formally notify the company of your issue. This can be done by writing a letter and submitting it to their customer service department.

Pro tip: Do not immediately opt to write a bad review or blast on social media or even Google reviews, before you submit a formal correspondence to the moving company. Allow the company to receive, review and address your concern or complaint.

Consider further action

Once you have gone through the careful process of submitting a complaint to your moving company and you are still unhappy with their response or service, then you may consider taking further action. This can either be through legal means, i.e., sue the company or you may opt to go to the press.

In most instances, it should not come to such drastic action and the best way to avoid these types of scenarios is to ensure that you have done your due diligence in researching for reputable and reliable movers and have ensured that the company either has insurance on goods they are transporting or you need take action yourself and ensure you have purchased insurance for your kids while moving to void any drawn-out disputes.

Different Moving Services & How It Can Help You

When it comes to hiring a moving service there is no “one-size fits all” approach. Every move or relocation, just like every person or organization is different and each of them has different needs. Why would it not be the same for your movers? Moving a household vs moving an office or transporting priceless antiquities each require a different type of moving service so let us look at some of the specialist services available to you.

Piano Transportation

If you are the proud owner of a gorgeous grand piano that you wish to take with you to your new home you certainly do not want to leave transporting it in the hands of the local neighborhood teenagers to move it about, rather leave it to the professionals who know how to handle and move such a delicate piece.

Art and Antiques

Much like moving an instrument, fine art and antiquities require a more delicate touch and specialist treatment. Hiring professionals who specialize in this type of logistics is well worth the investment to safeguard your priceless pieces.

Hot Tub Transport

To many, taking into consideration how to transport a hot tub from one home to the next is perhaps not their first point of priority, but when wanting to move something as large as a hot tub this requires extra thought, planning, and logical support which is easily available via a professional moving company.

Pool Table Transport

Pool tables are frequently considered just a normal piece of large furniture that doubles as an entertainment piece, however, when deconstructed it is an intricate collection of pieces that perfectly fit together – when any piece has slightly altered the balance of the table becomes off and one is unable to play as one should again. Ensuring the proper construction, deconstruction, and transport of such a piece is best handled by professional movers.

Bulky Furniture Transport

Whether we are discussing pianos, California king beds, or other bulky items that need to be transported for a move – it requires loads of elbow grease, careful planning, and proper logistical support which can be done by yourself or facilitated by your professional movers.

Apartment Movers

Looking around a studio apartment one might be shocked to realize the amount of work required in packing one up and moving into another – why not save yourself days or weeks of hassle when specialist movers can do it for you?

Office Movers

Office relocation is one of the most stressful occurrences to take place within any organization as it affects everyone from the highest levels of management to the lower branches of employees.

Have furniture, equipment, and other necessary goods moved can be costly, time-consuming, and expensive if your goods get damaged in transit because your items were improperly handled or not safely secured for the trip. Opting to hire movers who specialize in office moving can save you time, money, and plenty of potential risks.


Sticking to the general moving etiquette will make your move not only bearable for you but for all those around you. This guide will help you through all the processess of moving. Allowing you to do so with ease and peace of mind.


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