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Relocating while Pregnant?

Moving is a very stressful experience. There is so much to do! Plan, pack, and organize. Can you imagine moving while pregnant? Although, this isn’t an ideal situation. Sometimes life is crazy and beyond your control. In a perfect world, you would be able to wait until the baby has been born safely and then you can give your full attention to the move at hand.

  • images/what-is-the-best-time-to-move-while-pregnant
    1. pregnant_woman.min.jpg
    2. newborn_baby.min.jpg
    3. divorced_couple.min.jpg
    4. mom_kid_piano.min.jpg
    5. fine_art.min.jpg
  • The bigger your tummy gets, the more difficult it will be to move around and the easier you will get tired.
  • Pregnant women in nature holding belly

If you’re able to plan at all, you should try to limit moving to your second trimester. By this stage of your pregnancy, you have hopefully passed your nausea and morning sickness stage. During the first trimester, doctors recommend you have as little stress as possible, or you could risk harming your unborn child.

The bigger your tummy gets, the more difficult it will be to move around and the easier you will get tired. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to scrub out the fridge or clean the floor on your hands and knees? Very strenuous tasks should be outsourced. If you don’t have anyone to help you, you should consider hiring a professional for assistance. This may increase moving costs but protecting your baby should be your first priority.

Contact several different companies and compare moving costs estimates to find the best option to suit your budget. If your relocation requires long-distance moving, this will be an even more stressful experience so it’s important to get as much help as possible.

Start packing as soon as you can. Space the packing into more manageable sections so you can take breaks and don’t tire yourself out.


Pros and cons of moving while pregnant

Moving while pregnant adds an entirely new level of stress to an already stressful situation. If there isn’t another option then you will need to put your tiredness aside and start packing. Did you know there are specific advantages and disadvantages to moving while pregnant?

Your unique set of circumstances will determine if moving while pregnant is advised in your case. Nesting is a phenomenon in pregnancy that causes pregnant women to start preparing for the baby’s arrival. This includes cleaning and preparing a safe space for the child. This process can feel daunting, especially if you’re in the process of moving and can’t start settling in yet.

In an ideal world, you will be moved and settled by the time the baby arrives so you can start enjoying life with your little angel.

Advantages of moving while pregnant include:

  • More time: Newborns require constant attention. If you move while pregnant you will have time to dedicate to packing and decluttering your home. If you haven’t found a new place to live yet, you will need to attend open houses and go on house tours. This will be incredibly difficult to do with a newborn baby
  • Settle before the baby arrives: There will be so much to do to make your new house into a family home. A newborn baby will require your complete attention with diaper changes and sleeping schedules. It will be almost impossible to accomplish these tasks when you have to care for your child
  • Simpler and less expensive: Once you start buying baby accessories, you will realize just how many items your baby requires. Cribs, pack and plays, prams, bathtubs, and other items. These are difficult to move and will increase the cost of your move dramatically. These items will also take up a lot of space in the moving truck which could mean an additional load. It will be much easier to buy these items once you have relocated
  • Build a support system: Walking while pregnant is very beneficial and you will be able to get out in the neighborhood and meet other parents or soon-to-be parents. Make friends with your neighbors so that you have a support system for when your baby arrives
  • Time to nest: You will have enough time to create a safe space and a comfortable home for your baby. During your last semester, your nesting instinct will peak and you can take advantage of this fact to organize a cozy environment for your infant.
  • Ready for when the baby arrives: If you move early in during your pregnancy, then you will have enough time to do everything that needs to be done and settle in before the baby arrives
  • Focus on your family: Once your bundle of joy arrives you will have time to focus on your family and settle down in your new home

Disadvantages include:

  • Difficult and risky: Physically lifting and moving heavy items can be very draining both on your energy levels and on your emotions. Your baby bump may get in your way and there are limitations on the amount of weight you’re allowed to lift safely.
  • Pain and fatigue: Moving is strenuous work and moving while pregnant means that your body will get tired and you make experience aches and pains more easily
  • Chemicals and cleaning products: Pregnant women should not risk using powerful cleaning agents or anything containing bleach or ammonia. These products can be very dangerous to the growing fetus. Although, you can use natural cleaning products like vinegar. The cleaning process will be more difficult and take longer. This will add to your fatigue.
  • Can’t lift heavy items: Lifting heavy items can increase the chance of premature labor and cause your child to be born too early
  • Stress: When your to-do list is a mile long, you may not take the time to eat healthy meals or get enough sleep. This can be harmful to your unborn child. Worrying about everything that needs to be done isn’t very good for your health or that of your child
  • Pregnancy is unpredictable: Yes, you may have a due date and everything planned out perfectly, but unfortunately, things never go according to plan. You could experience complications or go into premature labor. It’s advisable to set your moving date well in advance of your due date
  • Health care providers: If you’re moving to another state or have to deal with long-distance moving. You may need to find a new doctor or midwife in your new location. Prenatal care is important and shouldn’t be left to the last minute

Do I need to wait to move when the baby is born?

  • After a successful birth, you will be calmer and more relaxed to take on a stressful move.
  • Cute, cuddly, sleeping newborn baby

If you decide to wait and move only once the baby is born. There are pros and cons to consider:


  • Better physically prepared: Once your baby bump is out of the picture you should be able to move around more easily. After a successful birth, you will be calmer and more relaxed to take on a stressful move. Packing and unpacking will prove to be much easier
  • Focus on your baby: If you wait to move until after the birth, you will be able to concentrate on the baby and take better care of yourself. You can also ask friends or family to help you with the child, so you can focus on the moving preparations. If this seems too stressful. Consider hiring a full-service moving company that offers moving insurance for added peace of mind.
  • Find the home you need: If you have had the opportunity to spend time with your baby in your old home, you will know exactly what it was lacking and what you need to look for in your new space. This could mean additional storage, a larger laundry room, or a bigger playroom
  • Baby groups and other mothers: Visiting your local park or baby center with your pram and baby, will give you the opportunity to meet other mothers and make friends.


  • Postnatal recovery: Most women are able to recover within a few weeks but if there are complications, their movement and health could be affected for months. If she goes for a c-section, she will be unable to lift heavy boxes and should wait a few months before relocating.
  • Newborns need a lot of attention: Moving requires a lot of effort and hard work, you may feel stretched thin if you need to concentrate on moving while giving all your attention to the new baby
  • Disrupt your routine: Newborns follow a strict eating and sleeping schedule. This can be disrupted by the move. Moving day will be especially challenging for everyone involved. If at all possible, consider hiring a full-service moving company to assist. Find the best moving companies by comparing brokers vs movers to secure the best deal

Most experts recommend making the big move either before or after the baby is born. As long as you have a good support system and hire additional help. Although it isn’t recommended, it’s very possible to move while you are pregnant.

5 tips of moving while pregnant

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind if you need to move while you are pregnant.

  1. Make sure you speak to and are in contact with your health care provider and doctor
  2. Hire additional help and ask friends and family to pitch in
  3. Make sure you don’t lift anything too heavy and if you do need to lift something, lift using the correct technique
  4. Declutter and donate anything that you no longer require. The more you get rid of, the less you will have to pack
  5. Pack your hospital bag and be ready for anything

Is it legal to move to another state while pregnant? Should I stay in the same state?

No law forbids you from moving to another state while you’re pregnant. Moving during the first three months of pregnancy is very risky and not recommended. The stress and moving combined could cause you to go into premature labor. Moving during covid-19 comes with its own set of challenges. It’s important to go for regular check-ups and to not over-exert yourself. Use hand sanitizer and your mask and take regular breaks.

Moving to another state while divorcing

  • It’s possible to move states while getting divorced but you will need to consider a few additional aspects of your move.
  • Divorced man and woman, sitting on a couch, removing wedding rings.

In some states, it’s completely legal to move while you are in the process of getting divorced. The main factor to consider is why you need to relocate. Are you moving back home to be closer to family and friends? Are you moving to get away from your soon-to-be ex-husband?

You need to notify the court of your decision and find out if it’s possible to handle your divorce case out of state. A divorce case isn’t like a criminal case, so the court can’t prevent you from leaving the state. At least one person involved needs to stay in the state where the divorce papers were filed.

Moving and divorcing can be very complicated especially if your ex decides to contest anything. This process is made even more difficult if you’re moving with kids. Some judges won’t allow you to relocate if children are involved and they need to determine who gets custody. You may be required to return to the state you filed in, to sign documents, or appear in court.

Moving with pets can also become a headache if you can’t agree, who your furry friends will live with. Keeping the pets with your children will help them feel more settled. Try to be as fair as possible when making these decisions. Give yourself enough time to pack like a pro so you won’t feel rushed or pressured. Remember to make a general household guide, this will make the packing process much easier and help make sure you remember everything you need to do.

Look for tips when moving with plants and other items that need to be prepped before they are packed.

Top 3 states to move while pregnant

Moving to Vermont

After examining several different states, we have concluded that moving to Vermont is an excellent option. Not only, do they have one of the top birthing centers, they also have access to healthy food choices, top-class midwives, and the best state-level parental leave policies?

It’s also packed with fun things to do. Including sipping virgin cocktails and relaxing while you wait for the big day to arrive.

The main aspect that sets Vermont in the top spot, is its amazing health care facilities. They offer a wide array of birthing options and family-oriented birthing plans. Choose between vaginal birth, water birth, or cesarean, and know that you’re in the best hands.

Moving to Maine

Maine is another state on our list that is perfect to move to while you’re pregnant. In June 2019, Maine Governor Janet Mills signed a law L.D 666. This law protects pregnant women.

Employees are required to provide accommodation where necessary, allow for longer breaks, and only be required to do less strenuous work. Maine also has top-class birthing centers and health care providers.

Maine also has several benefits including MaineCare that assists pregnant mothers.

Moving to Nebraska

Another state that protects pregnant women is Nebraska. The Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act requires reasonable accommodations for pregnant women. The law makes it unlawful to discriminate against pregnant employees. They can’t be fired and none of their privileges can be taken away. In Nebraska, you’re in good hands from their excellent health care and pregnancy centers to world-class doctors and nurses. Every need you have will be taken care of.

After pregnancy, you will have more parental leave to enjoy those first few months of precious new life.

Questions and answers

Moving a pool table

Moving a pool table isn’t as easy as you would imagine. It’s not as simple as picking up the pool table and placing it onto the truck. Pool tables need to be handled with care, to protect the inner workings and components. One wrong move and it could become damaged. Even the smallest bump and the pool table could unbalance. If you’ve ever played on a wonky pool table you will know how irritating that can be.

When moving items such as a pool table, it’s important to ask the experts for assistance. There are professional moving services that specialize in moving these types of items. They have all the tools and special equipment that is needed to relocate your pool table safely. Most moving services carry special moving insurance for added peace of mind.

Moving a hot tub

Hot tubs are very expensive items to purchase, so chances are, if you want to relocate, you will want to move your hot tub to your new location. The only problem with this is that hot tubs are very big and extremely heavy. This makes moving them very problematic. It’s almost impossible to move a hot tub without the help of professional hot tub movers. By hiring a professional you will have peace of mind, knowing that it will arrive at the new destination in one piece.

Movers that specialize in moving hot tubs will have large enough transport and all the tools necessary to move it safely. Most full-service moving companies will re-install the hot tub at your new location which removes a lot of the stress involved. Trust the professionals to handle the move on your behalf so you can just concentrate on relaxing in your hot tub in your new home.

Moving a piano

  • Piano moving requires specialized moving services to ensure the safety of this delicate piece of instrument.
  • Mother and child sitting by a piano

A piano is a very bulky, heavy musical instrument that needs to be handled with great care and consideration. If you’ve ever tried to move your piano from one room to another, you may know what a difficult task it can be. Now imagine moving it from house to house, or state to state! Pianos are very delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. One wrong move and your piano may never play correctly again.

When you need to relocate a piano it’s best to find experts in the field to assist you. This is a task that isn’t recommended if you’re an amateur. Then there is the actual transporting of the piano. You will require specialized equipment as well as a moving truck and many skilled, strong workers to help move it onto the truck.

Should you consider dismantling the piano before you move it? No, this is a terrible idea. A piano might be easy to take apart, but I can assure you that it isn’t easy to reassemble.

When making use of professional movers to relocate your piano you will benefit from:

  • Reduced stress levels: The movers will be responsible for the entire process and if anything happens during transit their insurance will cover the cost of replacing the piano.
  • Efficacy: Workers specialize in providing these services, so chances are they will be able to accomplish the task, quickly and efficiently.
  • Protection: If you need to move the piano over a long distance, it will need to be protected during transit. Professional movers will have all the necessary safety equipment. This will ensure that your piano arrives in perfect condition at your new residence.

Bulky items

Moving massive bulky items can be precarious, particularly if you need to move them through small entryways and limited spaces. If you can afford to enlist an expert, that would be the best arrangement. If you can’t afford to hire professional movers because the costs do add up quickly. Moving bulky items can be done without the assistance of experts. You need to find family or friends that are willing to lend a helping hand.

The initial step to moving bulky furniture is to prepare. Take precise estimations of the item you need to move and decide on the best route before you pick up anything. Make sure that the path to the truck is free of obstructions. Formulate a plan on how to move in limited space or down narrow hallways and door openings. If possible, remove all doors before you start moving the furniture.

Have you ever heard the saying many hands make light work? All things considered, while moving heavy, bulky items, you will require every one of the hands you can get. The more people you have to assist. The easier it will be to accomplish the task.

Fine art moving

  • Moving valuable art pieces can be a tricky business.
  • Fine art sculptures in a house.

Some works of art are invaluable, exceptional, and priceless. Would you be able to envision the pressure of moving such a precious item? Works of art should be sealed and packed in a particular way and handled with outrageous consideration so they aren’t harmed. Organizations that work for historical centers are prepared to follow certain security procedures and utilize specific gear to ensure the fine art isn’t damaged while it is being relocated.

The equivalent goes for collectibles and inestimable family treasures that should be secured and protected no matter what. This is one thing on the moving agenda that should be taken care of by the specialists. Try not to take any risks and pay a couple of additional dollars to shield yourself from likely sorrow. Moving valuable art and antiques can be tricky business.

Assuming your reality rotates around fine art, you know how costly a portion of the pieces can be. Some artwork is beyond value! Contact an expert that has practical experience in moving valuable art and collectibles. These specialists are accustomed to moving artwork from one gallery to another. They are skilled at keeping your valuable possessions safe and ensuring they show up in perfect condition at your new home.


It’s best to contact the experts on the off chance that you need to move any of the previously mentioned items. Other items that may require expert assistance to move include, clinical hardware, large equipment, office gear, unique furnishings, and other enormous apparatuses. Some of these items will need to be disassembled before they can be moved.

Dismantling an item might end up being extremely simple, yet assembling it back again is a much more difficult task, particularly if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you are doing. Specialists will have everything they need to dismantle and reassemble the items in an expert way. Let the experts handle these items so you don’t add an extra layer of stress on the move.

If you’re moving while pregnant then hiring additional support is essential to your wellbeing.


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