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Planet Van Lines 4.5

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Post Moving Tips

Moving is probably one of the biggest events of your life. Especially if you are moving cross-country or abroad. Whether you are moving long-distance or locally you still need to pack up your entire life into boxes and pack it in a way that you know what’s in every box, and that everything arrives safely at your next destination.

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  • Post moving tips are just as important. Here is a guide to making your post-moving chores easier
  • Packed boxes stacked in a room

The first thing you need to do is formulate a concrete plan. Packing is one of the most important parts of moving, so it’s essential that you pack correctly. Even if you decide to hire a moving company to help you move, you still need to pack efficiently. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination with hundreds of boxes and not knowing what’s in any of them! In this article, we are going to look at the best way to handle the packing and discuss how to make your move as easy as possible.


Checklist of Moving Services You Might Need

The first thing you need to do is stock up on moving supplies. This includes boxes, packing tape, and labels. The most difficult room to pack is usually the kitchen. Before you start packing, do a clear-out. Throw away or donate any items that you don’t use.

Divide the items into two different piles. Throw out what can’t be donated and donate the items that could bless someone in need. Living out of a box is no fun. Imagine you have packed away all your kitchen items, only to realize that you have forgotten to keep anything aside to eat and drink out of!

That would be a disaster. Before you start packing, keep aside a cup, plate, bowl, and set of utensils for each member of your family. This way you won’t need to search for items when you need them.

Labels Are Your Friend

You must create clear, easy-to-read labels to add to your boxes. Another great tip is numbering the boxes. This way you can easily see at a glance if any boxes are missing. It will also help the movers, take the box to the correct destination so all the boxes don’t just end up in one room.

Moving Non-Traditional Items

There are times where you may need to move non-traditional items. How do you go about this task? Let’s look at the different items and explore the best way of moving them.

Moving a Piano

Have you ever tried to move your piano from one room to the other? It was difficult, wasn’t it? Now can you imagine moving a piano to your new house? That’s a headache just waiting to happen. In this situation, your best bet is to call in the experts. Moving your piano might be even more difficult if you have narrow hallways or a staircase.

Then there is the transporting of the piano, this will require a moving truck and several skilled movers to help move it onto the truck.

You may consider dismantling the piano before you move it? This is a very bad idea. A piano might be very easy to take apart, but I can assure you it isn’t very easy to put back together.

By hiring professional movers to relocate your piano you will benefit from it.

  • Less stress: The movers will take on all the responsibility, and if anything happens during transit. Their insurance will pay for the damages.
  • This is their day job so chances are they will be able to accomplish the task, quickly and efficiently.

Art and Antiques Movers

If your world revolves around art, then you know how expensive some of the pieces can be. Some artwork is priceless! If you want to be sure that your art is protected, contact a professional that specializes in moving arts and antiques. These experts are used to moving fine art from museum to museum, and they take the task extremely seriously.

They are highly skilled at keeping your precious pieces of art safe and making sure they arrive in perfect condition at your new home.

Hot Tub Movers

Hot tubs are extremely large and very heavy. Moving a hot tub requires careful consideration and planning. First, you need to arrange transport that is large enough to accommodate the hot tub and bring it to your destination. Although, you might be tempted to move it yourself. We recommend hiring an expert. They will have the correct tools to do the job and the professional know-how.

Hot tubs are expensive so don’t take a chance by trying to move them alone. This job is best left to hot tub movers that know exactly what they are doing.

Pool Table Movers

You may think that moving a pool table is easy. Simply, pick it up and carry it to the truck. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. A pool table is more complex than you may imagine and so that the inner working remains intact, it’s important to hire pool table movers. These experts have special tools that allow them to move the pool table easily and make sure that it isn’t damaged during the move.

They move pool tables for a living, so they will have the expert knowledge needed to do so safely. They may even have a trick or two up their sleeve to make the move run even more smoothly.

Bulky Furniture Moving

Moving bulky items can be tricky, especially if you have to navigate through small doorways and narrow hallways. If you can afford to hire a professional, that would be the ideal solution. However, the cost of moving seems to be adding up quickly. This is one project that you can take on yourself.

The first step to bulky furniture moving is to plan ahead. Take accurate measurements of the item you need to move. As well as the doorways and small spaces you need to move it through. Formulate a plan, and get as many people to help as possible.

Ever heard of the saying, many hands make light work? Well, when moving bulky items, you are going to need all the hands you can get.

Apartment Movers

Living in an apartment building means dealing with flights of stairs. Moving heavy boxes up and down the stairs is not only time-consuming, but it’s also a lot of hard work. If possible, you can pack the boxes yourself and hire professional apartment movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Full-service movers come with their own transport and will load and offload the boxes on your behalf. That’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Office Movers

Moving from one office to another is a major task. You need to move desks, cabinets and electrical equipment such as copy machines and computers. Moving an office can in some cases be even more technical than moving house.

This task is best left to professional office movers. They are skilled in the technical aspects of moving offices and have all the tools required for the transition.

How To Meet Your Neighbors

  • Meeting people in your new neighborhood is one of the quickest ways to feel at home after relocating.
  • Two men shaking hands.

Moving to a new place can be quite intimidating, it’s especially stressful if you don’t know anyone or have moved states and need to deal with interstate relocation. Your neighbors can be friends that you just haven’t met yet, but how do you go about meeting your neighbors?

Having someone you know on the other side of the fence, will not only help you feel more settled in your new home but is also great in case of an emergency.

If you have kids, it’s always a good idea to leave a spare key with the neighbors in case they lock themselves out or need to get in when you aren’t around. How do you go about introducing yourself?

A Friendly Smile and a Warm Handshake

The easiest way to meet your neighbors is to walk over and knock on the front door. Smile, say hello, and introduce yourself. Let them know as you are new to the neighborhood and excited for this new adventure. If you plan on having a housewarming party once you have settled in. It would be great to extend an invite to your new neighbors and a cookout is a great way to get to know them in an informal, fun setting.

If you have children and so do your neighbors suggest the kids play together while you are busy unpacking. If they do decide to play together, go down to the local store and buy ice cream or chips or pizza for the kids to make the meeting more exciting.

Get Involved in the Community

Encourage your kids to sign up for school sports, clubs, and activities. You could even volunteer to help out at the school. Often schools require assistance from parents. This is a great way to get involved.

Host a CookOut

Once you have settled into your new home, why not host a cookout. Make simple invitations and slip them into all your neighbor’s postboxes. On the invite specify that all they need to bring is themselves as drinks and refreshments will be provided. I mean who is going to say no to free food.

Keep the invite very informal and be sure to say pop around anytime between 3 and 6 pm. Saturdays are usually the best as most people don’t need to be at work. Remember to give them time to plan ahead. Invites should be sent at least one week in advance.

10 Things You Should Do With Your New Home Before The Movers Arrive

  • Keeping track of things is easier when you have moving checklists. With so many things to do, you’ll need them.
  • A hand that is writing in a notebook.

You have just got the keys to your new home. The movers will bring your possessions in the next few days. What are some of the things you need to do in your new home before the movers arrive?

1. Do a Walkthrough with Your Checklist

Before any furniture arrives. Do a walkthrough of the entire house. Look for any damages and double-check that everything included in the contract is in the house. This could include items such as the stove or dishwasher. Switch on the lights and check that all the plug points are in working order.

If you find any damage, be sure to take photographs and send them to the realtor immediately.

2. Add Necessary Child and Pet Proofing

If you have toddlers or pets and you need to install safety gates or other precautions. It’s best to do this before the rest of your furniture arrives. Set up a kid-free zone, this is where you can throw away discarded packing materials, cleaning supplies, and electrical cords.

Moving with kids can be quite difficult so it’s a good idea to set up a safe area where the kids can play. Corner off this area and add toys. This will leave the kids happy and distracted while you unpack. If you are moving with seniors, try to let them stay with a friend or family member until the house is set up.

3. Set-Up a Floor Plan

When you packed your furniture, chances are that you measured the larger pieces of furniture. Use those measurements to set up a basic floor plan. Plot the area out using duct tape. This will give you a good idea of where to put everything. Before the professional movers arrive.

Label each area so the movers know exactly where each item should go. Implementing this tip will make the move go a lot smoother.

4. Set-up All Utilities Before You Move In

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home, only to find out that your electricity, gas, and cable aren’t set up yet! Ensure that all your utilities are up and running before you set foot in the door. On moving day, make sure they are operational

5. Familiarize Yourself with the Lay of the Land

Make sure you know where everything is. Locate the fuse box and the water shut-off valve. If your house has a basement then, learn where everything is. This includes power boxes and emergency shut-off switches.

6. Perform a Deep Clean

Hopefully, the previous owners left the house in a clean state. This is the perfect opportunity to perform a deep clean. Wash blinds, carpets, and windows. Clean and disinfect the bathrooms, toilet, shower, and sinks. If curtains were included in the sale, these should be washed as well.

If the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to give you a helping hand.

7. Fix Anything that’s Broken

Repair any issues that you may find in the house. Change lightbulbs that may have blown. If there is extensive damage, make a list and priorities what needs to be done first.

8. Call the LockSmith

Most people don’t think of changing their locks when they move into a new home. It’s a good idea to call the locksmith and have all the locks changed. In today’s world, you can never be too careful. Anyone could have made a copy of the keys. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Notify Everyone your Address has Changed

Contact your bank and other service providers that your address has changed. This can sometimes be done online for added convenience.

10. Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

Take a walk next door and introduce yourself to your neighbors. If anyone walks past while you are busy outside. Smile and introduce yourself.

7 Things You Should Do Right After Moving In

  • Packing your moving van or moving truck using professional services is the easiest and most convenient solution to relocate.
  • Happy couple laughing surrounded by moving boxes.

Once all your boxes have arrived, the chaos of unpacking starts. If you numbered and labeled your boxes your job should be a bit easier. These 7 important things to do when you move into your new house.

1. Make Sure Everything Arrived

Go through your checklist and make sure that all your boxes have arrived. Then inspect your furniture and make sure none of it was damaged in transit.

2. Plug In Everything In

Plug in your fridge, freezer, and other large appliances. Set up your TVs and any other electrical equipment.

This is a great time to ensure that all your plug points and outlets work correctly. If there are any issues they will need to be repaired.

3. Unpack Essentials

Unpack the things that you need every day first. These items should be packed in a separate box, so they should be easy to find. Let your kids help, by unpacking their toys in their rooms or watering the garden.

4. Go to the Store

Unpacking is very hungry work, and your cupboards will probably be bare after the move. Take a trip to the local grocery store and stock up on the essentials. No one will blame you if you order pizza or take-out for dinner while you are busy unpacking. Don’t forget to buy items such as toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. Milk, cereal, and bottled water are also essential items.

5. Set-up a Recycle Pile

Set up an area where you can store packing materials and boxes that can be recycled. Newspaper that glassware was wrapped in, the actual boxes and items such as bubble-wrap can all be recycled.

6. Secure Your Home

If your home has a security system installed, change the codes and make sure you know where the panic buttons are located. If there isn’t one installed, contact a local security company to install one. Safety should be your first priority. You could always ask your neighbors which security company they use or call the realtor for a referral.

7. Explore Your Surroundings

Drive around the neighborhood and look for the best routes to key places.

  • Your kid’s school
  • The grocery store
  • Your place of work
  • The bank
  • The post office
  • The nearest hospital
  • And any other places that you feel could be important

Knowing exactly where everything is located will give you peace of mind. Moving during covid-19 times can add stress to an already very stressful situation. You should try to limit your stress as much as possible. Figure out the best routes so if there is an emergency you will be prepared.

As an extra precaution, you should have your house completely disinfected. Some companies specialize in covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting.

If you are moving long-distance, you should weigh the differences between brokers vs movers. Brokers don’t move your items. Instead, they handle the move for you from a business perspective.

5 Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes

  • Are you wondering what you can do with your moving boxes? Here are a few ideas to help you reuse moving boxes and supplies creatively.
  • Empty cardboard storage box.

Are you drowning in a sea of leftover moving boxes? Why not let your creative juices flow and try some of these fun ideas? Boxes can be repurposed or turned into other items. Here are five fantastic ideas of how to re-use your moving supplies.

Extra Storage

No house ever has enough storage space. With a few simple supplies, you can turn your moving equipment into stylish storage solutions. Cover the boxes with a fabric of your choice. Choose a fabric that matches your color scheme and glue it to the outside of the box. Add a fabric lining to the bottom of the box. The last step is adding a handle.

Use an old belt as a handle. Now you have a storage solution for kid’s toys, craft supplies, or books and magazines. This is such as easy craft, get the kids involved, and allow them to decorate the outside of the box with glitter, off buttons, or other crafty items.

Drawer Organizer

Another super simple craft is a draw organizer. Even someone that isn’t very good at crafts can pull this one off. Measure the draw, mark, and cut your cardboard box so it will fit perfectly and boom you’re done.

Make sure the cardboard is tight and secure. Use this to organize your socks, t-shirts, or other items. The cardboard will stop the items from falling over and keep them separated.

Christmas Ornaments

Using cardboard boxes to make Christmas decorations is becoming very popular. A simple Pinterest search will give you hundreds of ideas on what to make. An easy Christmas craft is a cardboard star.

Draw a star on the piece of cardboard. Then trace an identical star. Each start requires four identical pieces. Fold the stars then glue the ends together so the start has a puffy appearance.

Once the glue is dry you can paint them and cover them with glitter. Don’t forget to add a string so your start can be hung up.

Cardboard Cars

If you have a toddler running around, this is the perfect use for those moving boxes. Paint the box and decorate it so it resembles a car. Make sure the child can fit their legs through the holes at the bottom and then add straps.

Measure the straps so that once they are around the child’s shoulders the car is comfortable and easy to maneuver.

Your child will have hours of fun running around in their cardboard car. If you feel extra creative, make cardboard stop signs, traffic lights, and trees.

Kids Play Kitchen

Another toy your kids will fall in love with is a play kitchen. This craft may require a lot of effort and a bit of imagination but you can easily use moving boxes and other moving supplies to create a DIY play kitchen. Cut a hole in a very large box for the ‘sink’ then add a bowl that fits into it perfectly. This bowl can be filled with water if you are very brave.

Use paper plates to resemble a stove burner and paint the box so it looks like a kitchen. You may need a few boxes to achieve the desired look.

Change Of Address Checklist

Moving to a new home requires a lot of paperwork. You need to notify important service providers that you have moved and update your address with them. set-up a checklist to make sure that you remember to notify everyone that needs to be told. These include:

  • Change your mailing address with the post office
  • Change your address on legal documents including your car insurance and policies
  • Update your address on the electoral roll
  • Update your address on Amazon and other delivery services
  • Update any medical forms and inform your doctor of the move
  • Don’t forget to let your friends and family members know your new address

How to Go About Changing Your Address

About 30 days before you plan on moving it’s important to remember to change your address. Sometimes a simple phone call will be sufficient but other times you may need to jump through hoops to perform this seemingly simple task.

To make the process run smoothly obtain proof of your new address (this can be the house deed or renting contract) have this document certified at your nearest police station.

This document can then be emailed to your service providers, together with a change of address request. Having this document available will streamline the changing process and eliminate any confusion.

E-mail the proof and change request to the following service providers:

  • City council, rates, water, and electricity providers: Send a copy of your latest bill and make sure that it is settled in full. Most companies will email you a change of address request form. Once this form has been completed and sent back, they will update the necessary changes on your behalf.
  • Telephone and Internet providers: Your internet company will need to visit your new home to install the lines you require if you are moving your existing line or installing a brand new line, they will need to perform an inspection and do the necessary updates.
  • Cable and Cell Phone provider: Phone your service providers and request the necessary forms. Complete them and send them back so your address can be updated on the system.

Security system update

Another important thing you need to do is inform your security provider. Do you plan on using the same security for your new home? If you do then the provider will need to come and move the alarms, sensors, and other equipment to your new home. If your previous provider doesn’t offer the service in the area you are moving to, then you will need to find a new security provider.

Ask your neighbors for a referral or find out which is the most popular security provider in the area. It’s a good idea to sort out your security before you decide to move into your new home. once the alarms are installed. Be sure to know how to use them and where to locate the panic buttons.

Your policies, government documents, funeral policies, and store loyalty cards will all need to be updated with your new address.

5 Safety Must-Have For Every Move

Moving day is pretty chaotic so it’s important to follow these safety tips on the big day.

Ask your friends for help

Don’t try to be a hero and move everything by yourself. Moving requires a lot of hard work so asking your friends to get involved will help lighten the load. The more people you can get to help you move the smoother the move will go.

You can treat your friends by buying them lunch and dinner on the day. Take-aways are best so you can continue to work while eating. After the big move is complete, you can treat them to celebratory champagne or beers to celebrate a job well done.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Half of the moving is the actual planning. You should have several contingency plans in place in case something goes wrong. The mover you hire should be given clear instructions on where the new house is so nothing is lost in translation. Make sure to watch them load the truck to ensure your items are handled with care.

Use decent moving boxes and secure them with duct tape to ensure that they won’t break when being lifted. Don’t overpack the boxes so they are difficult to carry. Ensure that fragile boxes are marked and remind the movers which boxes these are. A great tip is to use a different color packing tape so that you can see at a glance which items need to be handled with care.

Use the Correct Lifting Method

Even if you have hired professional movers to help, you will probably still end up having to carry heavy boxes. You must protect your back at all costs. You need to lift the boxes correctly. Lift with your knees and don’t lift a box that is so heavy it causes physical strain. Never bend your back while you are lifting.

One wrong move and you could injure your back, pinch a nerve or even give yourself a hernia. Squat down by bending your needs then lift in a smooth upwards motion. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and lift with the strength of your legs.

Make sure you have a good grip on the box you want to lift. Use moving gloves if possible. Ensure that there is a clear pathway to the moving truck. Remove any clutter that someone could trip over to prevent injuries from occurring.

Use the Correct Equipment

Use the correct moving equipment such as moving trollies and sliders to help move bulky furniture more easily. Most professional movers will have all the equipment that they need to move your furniture safely.

Clear the Outside Area

Make sure the outside area is free from loose branches, stones, or other things that someone may trip over. There should be a clear pathway to all the doors that the movers are using to bring in furniture.


There are so many aspects to consider post-moving. Even before you unpack your first box. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on everything you need to remember and tasks that need to be completed after your move.

It’s always a good idea to hire professional movers and get as many\y friends to help you move as possible.

Don’t forget to update your address with the relevant service providers and ensure that any policies and legal documents reflect your new address. Take a walk through your home and photograph any damage. Notify your realtor immediately if there are any issues.

Change the locks, familiarize yourself with the alarm codes and once you are settled take a walk around and introduce yourself to your neighbors.


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