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Moving from California to Hawaii

Who wouldn’t like to visit Hawaii during their time off work? The Hawaiian Islands are certainly one of the prettiest places in the entire country, and most people who spend some time in Hawaii wish they would never have to go back to the mainland. But what if you really don’t have to?

If you want to stay in Hawaii forever, you just have to permanently relocate to this state. And considering that remote work is now a thing, you can always keep your job and carry on performing your tasks remotely — but from Hawaii instead.

  • images/moving-from-california-to-hawaii-imgs
    1. Honolulu, Hawaii.min.jpg
    2. Golden Gate Bridge, California.min.jpg
    3. Moving truck.min.jpg
    4. Preparing to move.min.jpg
    5. Packing.min.jpg
    6. Organizing moving boxes.min.jpg
    7. Beach in Hawaii.min.jpg
    8. Dog in a box.min.jpg
    9. Fragile moving box.min.jpg
  • Hawaii is like paradise on Earth, and most people can only dream of ever visiting this place. What if we told you that you can not only visit the islands but also move to Hawaii permanently?
  • View of oceanside buildings in Honolulu.

Along with New York, California is one of the top 3 states that lost more residents in the past couple of years. That’s because the living costs and costs of housing in these states have grown at absurd rates, so most people are avoiding moving to California

While Hawaii is not necessarily one of the most affordable places to live, it is still more affordable than California, and that’s a plus for those who are looking into moving from California to Hawaii. 

However, we can’t talk about Hawaii and highlight only the positive things. There are negative aspects to moving to Hawaii as well, and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it relocating. One of these downsides is the distance between the islands and the mainland.

  • California was once the center of attention of the entire planet. Nowadays, the costs of living in this state are so high that there are more people moving out than moving to California. 
  • View of the Golden Gate Bridge during the day.

Considering that Hawaii is not located in the contiguous US, moving companies can take up to 21 business days to relocate your items from California to Hawaii. And most things that you need to purchase online can also take a while to arrive as well, thanks to the distance of 2,500 miles between California and Hawaii.

Because there is so much to learn about moving to Hawaii, we’ve prepared this complete guide on moving from California to Hawaii for you. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know all the important information regarding this relocation!


How Much Does It Cost to Move From California to Hawaii?

For most people, one of the major concerns when it comes to moving is the fact that some moving companies charge quite a lot per relocation. And considering that Hawaii is not even part of the contiguous US, this concern increases tenfold.

However, the good news that we have for you is that depending on the type of move, your relocation process won’t be that expensive. The downside is that it’s quite tricky to move to Hawaii using some of the methods we’re going to show you below.

Here is how much it costs to relocate from California to Hawaii.

Hiring a full-service moving company

The one thing you need to know about moving from California to Hawaii is that your best option is to hire a full-service moving company. While there are other types of services, moving to an island is not as easy as moving to any other part of the country.

  • Full-service movers are the go-to guys for most families relocating. That’s because these movers handle the moving process from the very beginning and you can just relax and wait.
  • A moving truck parked on the street on a rainy day.

Luckily for you and all those considering moving to Hawaii, there are full-service movers who have the right equipment to ship your belongings to any of the Hawaiian islands of your choice. And if you’re moving from a coastal city, like Los Angeles or San Diego, your relocation will be even easier.

Here are the estimated moving costs of hiring a full-service moving company to relocate from California to Hawaii.

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: $2737 – $4562
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: $4162 – $6937
  • 4+ Bedrooms: $4875 – $8125
  • Office-Commercial Moving: $6120 – $9358

Renting a DIY moving truck

One of the most popular moving options is to rent a moving truck. You’ve probably seen one of U-Haul’s moving trucks at some point. Those trucks are rented (and driven) by the family who is relocating.

Because it’s your responsibility to drive the truck with your items to your new home, this type of move will certainly give you a lot of freedom. However, you can’t exactly move to Hawaii using a rental moving truck. 

  • Renting a moving truck comes at a certain price, but it gives you the kind of freedom that hiring a full-service mover doesn’t. However, this option might not be appropriate to relocate to Hawaii.
  • A woman sticking tape to a moving box.

Most moving companies don’t accept to transport rental moving trucks to Hawaii, for several reasons. And if you stop to think about it, this is not a financially wise option because you’ll spend a lot to take the truck to the island and then bring it back to California.

On top of all that, you will have to pay for gas, repairs, moving insurance, and also for the ship transportation to take the truck to Hawaii. See why this option might not be ideal?

Here are the estimated moving costs of renting a DIY moving truck to relocate from California to Hawaii. Note that these estimates don’t include additional expenses (gas, repairs, insurance, et cetera).

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: starting at $3789
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: starting at $4012
  • 4+ Bedrooms: starting at $5345
  • Office-Commercial Moving: starting at $6678

Renting a moving container

The second best option to move from California to Hawaii is to rent a moving container. This option is quite fitting to relocate to one of the Hawaiian Islands because it’s much easier for companies to relocate your items in a container. 

  • When you rent a moving container, the moving company brings it to your home so you can load the container. Once you’re done, they’ll pick it up and take it to Hawaii.
  • A happy couple packing their items to relocate.

When you choose this option, the moving company (usually PODS) will deliver an empty container to your home. Then, they’ll give you a certain amount of time to fill the container with your belongings. Once you’re done, the company will come back for the container and then start the relocation process.

Here are the estimated moving costs of renting a moving container to relocate from California to Hawaii, according to U-Haul.

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: starting at $7187
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: starting at $12715
  • 4+ Bedrooms: starting at $21398
  • Office-Commercial Moving: starting at $15609

How to Hire Movers from California to Hawaii?

Hiring movers is usually not that difficult a task — except when you’re moving to Hawaii. Not that it’s going to be harder for you to find a moving company, but it’s certainly going to take more planning and research.

It’s essential that you learn more about the different types of movers so that you can avoid having problems with the moving company of your choice later on. And before you go ahead and contact a mover, it’s important that you first learn about the different types of movers you can hire.

Below, we’ll explain how to hire movers from California to Hawaii. 

Interstate Movers

Interstate movers are the professionals that can assist you in relocating to a different state. However, there is a fine line between moving between states and moving from one state on the mainland to a state that is actually an island.

As such, you can’t exactly rely on an interstate mover to help you relocate to Hawaii. On top of everything, this is the type of move that requires specific equipment that interstate movers might not have.

Long-Distance Movers

When you’re moving to a place that is over 200 miles away from your current address, moving companies consider that a long-distance move. As such, you will need to hire a long-distance mover

Considering that California and Hawaii are over 2500 miles apart, you can say that this is a long-distance move — even if it’s quite different than most long-distance relocations. When you hire a long-distance mover, they’ll calculate your rates based on the distance between the places in question.

Cross-Country Movers

Some people move from Washington, the state, to Florida — and that’s what moving companies call a cross-country move. As the name suggests, it’s the type of relocation in which families move from one end of the country all the way to the other.

While moving from California to Hawaii is not necessarily a cross-country move, it is just as special. This means that cross-country movers will probably have the specific equipment that is necessary in order to help you relocate to your new home on the island.

Moving Brokers

As you have noticed by now, there are different types of relocation and different types of movers. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg — there is so much more to learn about the moving industry before you relocate!

It can be quite scary to choose a moving company for those who are relocating for the first time in their lives. And that’s especially true considering that there are thousands of movers advertising their services everywhere. 

If you don’t do enough research, you might end up hiring a moving company that is not worth your money or time and might just give you a headache down the road. But don’t worry! You don’t have to be concerned about this all by yourself.

Luckily for you, there are a group of professionals who can help families find the ideal moving company to help them relocate from California to Hawaii. These professionals are known as moving brokers.

A moving broker will search for movers that fit your budget but also your profile. This way, you won’t have to spend your time and energy trying to find a mover. The only downside is that hiring a moving broker means that you’ll have one additional expense to cover in the relocation process.

3 Best Moving Companies to Help Relocate from California to Hawaii

Regardless of where you are moving from, moving to Hawaii is quite a complex process. It requires that moving companies have certain equipment and partners that can allow them to transport your items from the contiguous US to one of the islands.

However, this process is not as complex for those who live in California. That’s because there are moving companies specialized in relocations to Hawaii that operate exclusively in this state, though they only operate in the major coastal areas.

Below, we’ll show you some of the best moving companies to help relocate from California to Hawaii.

Royal Hawaiian Movers

Moving to Hawaii is not exactly simple, so your best option is to hire a moving company that knows all about the islands and that has the experience and equipment required for this relocation. One of these companies is Royal Hawaiian Movers.


With almost four decades of experience, this high-rated moving company offers household goods transportation, as well as offering auto moving so that you can ship your vehicle from California to your new address in Hawaii. 

Allied Van Lines

Moving across the ocean is quite tricky, hence why you won’t find as many local companies that are able to help you move from California to Hawaii. But don’t worry — there are plenty of national companies that have what it takes to assist you in this process.

Allied Van Lines

Allied has agents operating all over the country, and they have over 5 locations across California. Once you contact them, they’ll give you an accurate moving quote. However, you can also get an estimate directly from their website.


If you’re considering moving to Hawaii, you can’t ignore PODS. This company has plenty of options for those looking for storage, but they also offer several moving services. PODS has a team located in Hawaii that will handle your relocation efficiently and with a lot of care.

The only downside of contacting PODS is that you have to call them in order to get a moving quote. However, you can always use our free moving costs calculator to get moving quotes in just minutes!

Why Are People Moving to Hawaii?

Who has never dreamed of living on an island? Most of us wish we had the opportunity to drop everything and start a new life in Hawaii! And while this is just a dream for us, moving to Hawaii can be a reality for you very soon.

While there are a lot of reasons why people relocate to the Aloha State, the main reason remains the fact that these islands are like paradise. Below, we’ll list three of the reasons why people are moving to Hawaii.

  • Nature
    • Imagine waking up in the morning, opening the window blinds, and coming face to face with the beautiful ocean? Well, that’s what Hawaii residents get to see on a daily basis. Not that hard to guess why so many people want to live here, right?
  • Lifestyle
    • Considering that Hawaiians get to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, it’s no wonder that they have such a laid-back lifestyle. And it’s this lifestyle that’s making so many people leave behind the rush of the big cities.
  • Climate
    • One thing that really draws people to Hawaii is the weather. While California doesn’t necessarily have bad weather, moving to Hawaii is a great way to escape the cold up in the north of the country.

What Are the Top Benefits of Moving from California to Hawaii?

Our objective with this article is not to lie to you, so we have to make it clear that, while Hawaii is a great place, there are plenty of negative aspects about it as well. For instance, the cost of living in this paradise is much higher than living in most other states.

  • Many people may consider that Hawaii is like paradise — but this paradise has its flaws. Below we’ll list some of the pros and cons of moving from California to Hawaii.
  • A woman writing a label on the moving box.

But that’s not all there is to living in Hawaii. Below, we’ll list some positive and some negative aspects of moving to the Aloha State. However, it’s important to know that all these aspects are pretty relative. That is, you might consider a pro to be a con and vice-versa.

Here are the top benefits of moving from California to Hawaii.

Pros of Moving from California to Hawaii

  • You’ll have access to better healthcare.
    • Lots of people don’t know this, but Hawaii is the top state for healthcare. That’s because this state has the best health care in the country and it is also quite accessible for the residents. In fact, less than 6% of the population is uninsured, as opposed to the national average of almost 13%.
  • You’ll have lower costs of living.
    • We might have said that living in Hawaii is quite expensive, and we were speaking the truth. However, you’ll have lower costs of living when you move here because living in California is even more expensive than living in Hawaii.
  • You’ll live in a safer place.
    • While Hawaii is not necessarily the safest state in the country, it is still among the top 15 states for crime and corrections. The crime rates in this state are below the national average and their corrections system is considered the #1 in the country.

Cons of Moving from California to Hawaii

  • You’ll have to get used to a poor public transit system.
    • California might not have the best public transportation system in the country, but it is still much better than Hawaii’s. In fact, none of the islands have trains or a subway system, which means you can only get around by bus. 
  • You’ll have to get used to the lack of architectural diversity.
    • Do you know those movies that are shot in remote locations with no buildings and lots of vegetation? Well, those movies are usually shot in Hawaii. That’s because there are not a lot of buildings on the islands. It might take some time to get used to living in a place that looks like it’s stuck in the past in terms of architectural development.
  • You won’t have a lot of bulk shopping options.
    • The complexity of shipping things to Hawaii affects not only the regular folks who are relocating to this state; it also affects business. Lots of mainland chains are not present in Hawaii and have no plans of coming to the islands. That includes Panera, Trader Joe’s, and IKEA.

Comparison: Price of Living in California vs. Price of Living in Hawaii

The first thing we have to say about the costs of living is that neither California nor Hawaii are affordable places. In fact, both these states rank in the bottom 10 when it comes to affordability, and are considered two of the most expensive places in the entire nation.

Even still, when we compare California and Hawaii and ignore the other states, we can affirm that the Aloha State is slightly more affordable, especially for families of four. But it’s important to mention that, depending on where in California you’re moving from, it won’t be cheaper living in Hawaii.

In the table below, we’re going to show you the difference in the costs of living in California and Hawaii, for a family of four moving from San Francisco to Honolulu.

Child care$1,798$1,645
Health care$1,481$1,155
Other necessities$1,689$1,169
Monthly Total$13,251$10,139
Annual Total$159,013$121,674

All estimates presented in the table above were calculated considering the expenses of a family of two adults and two children. The data was retrieved from the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator.

Best Places to Move to in Hawaii

In many people’s opinions, Hawaii is a synonym for ‘paradise’. This amazing place has so many great locations and you’ll probably be happy in any place on the islands you choose to move to.

However, it would be untrue if we said that every place in Hawaii is equally good. Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, there will be locations that will be more adequate than others. For instance, families with kids might be happy in one place but single individuals might hate that place.

  • Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, you will certainly find the ideal city in Hawaii for you. Either way, you’ll be really happy once you move to this state, regardless of the location you’re moving to.
  • A picture of an oceanfront house in Hawaii.

It’s not going to be that simple to find the perfect Hawaiian location when you move out of California. But we can make it just a little bit easier for you. Here are the best places to move to in Hawaii!

  • Honolulu
    • While we rarely recommend that people move to capital cities, moving to Honolulu is the best option in terms of livability. That’s because all the high-paying jobs, big stores, and other stuff are located here.
  • Hilo
    • Living in Hawaii is nearly as expensive as living in California, so you are probably looking for a cheaper place to live. In this case, Hilo might be a good option for you and your family.
  • Haleiwa
    • For most people moving to Hawaii, one of their goals is to learn how to surf. If you’re one of these people and want to spend your free time surfing on the beautiful Hawaiian beaches, moving to Haleiwa will certainly be worth it.
  • Mililani
    • Parents who are relocating with their kids care about different factors than those who are moving all alone. For instance, a single person wouldn’t care if there are good schools in their new area. But parents do. So, if you’re moving with your family, you might like to know that Mililani is a safe place and has good schools.

In the end, is Moving from California to Hawaii Worth It?

According to different rankings, Hawaii is the 25th-best state in the country, while California is number 24. As you can see, there’s not a lot of difference between the two states according to these lists.

However, that doesn’t mean that living in Hawaii and in California feels the exact same. The truth is that life in each of these places is quite different, and Hawaii might just be better than the Golden State.

What we meant to say by that is that Hawaii has a laid-back lifestyle that will make you forget about all of your worries. And it’s an understatement to say that the scenery in this state has no competition. Living in Hawaii means living close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as getting to see some pretty amazing mountains.

In terms of costs of living, both California and Hawaii are way above the national average, so you probably won’t feel a lot of difference in this department. But keep in mind that some places in Hawaii can be considerably more expensive to live in.

Now, if safety is the factor that is the most important to you, you might like to know that Hawaii is much safer than California and that its crime rates are considerably below the national average. 

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if moving from California to Hawaii is worth it. But in our opinion, you should definitely give this relocation a try!

How to Move from California to Hawaii?

Before you start packing your bags and getting all excited about moving to Hawaii, there are a few things you need to do. Moving is the type of process that takes planning and that should get started months before you plan on relocating.

  • One thing to keep in mind is that moving doesn’t depend exclusively on the moving company. In fact, you need to set your relocation in motion even before you contact a mover. Read below to see some helpful tips we’ve prepared.
  • A Dachshund dog inside a moving box.

But do you have any idea of what exactly you have to do in the relocation process? If you don’t, don’t worry. Hundreds of people feel the same way, and that’s where we come in. Our goal with this article is to help you have a positive moving experience.

As such, we have prepared 9 helpful tips on how to move from California to Hawaii. Check them out below!

  1. Plan Ahead
    • As we said earlier, you need to start preparing for your relocation months before the date you plan on moving. We recommend that you plan ahead, starting at least 6 weeks prior to the big day. You can use our downloadable moving checklist in the planning process!
  2. Downsize
    • All moving companies will calculate your moving costs based on the distance and on the number of items that you have. As such, you can save money in the process if you get rid of some stuff you don’t use/want anymore.
  3. Get Moving Quotes
    • Another way to save money is by getting moving quotes from different companies. Comparing the prices will surely guarantee that you’re hiring the mover that can give you the most for the lowest price. One way of doing that is to use our free moving costs calculator — you’ll get quotes from different companies in just a few minutes!
  4. Book Movers
    • Your final decision regarding which moving company to hire can’t be based exclusively on their rates. You should take other factors into consideration as well, such as their reputation, the services they offer, and the quality of their service. Once you have considered all of that, you can go ahead and book a moving company.
  5. Visit Your New Area
    • The best way to make sure that you will have a good time at a place is to visit that place beforehand. If you’re able to take some time off work, try to visit your new area and get a feel of the neighborhood.
  6. Start Packing
    • At this point, you should have already found an ideal moving company and decided that moving to Hawaii is really what you want. In this case, the next step is to start packing. Packing can take quite some time, so you might want to get started as soon as possible.  
  7. Create an Essentials Box
    • Usually, Essentials boxes are recommended for those who are moving by car. While you can’t do that when moving from California to Hawaii, you should still create an Essentials box with all the important items you’ll want to use once you get to your new home.
  8. Say Farewells
    • Leaving the contiguous US means that you’ll be far from every single person that you know. While you can still visit them (and they will definitely want to visit you), you won’t see the people you love as often as you do now. Hence why we’re here to remind you to say farewells. Depending on how many people you know, you should get to this as soon as you can.
  9. Get Some Rest 
    • Even if you hire a full-service mover to pack your things and do everything else for you, you’ll still feel stressed out during the process. Moving requires a lot of time, money, and energy, so it’s no wonder you might feel exhausted until the day you move. Don’t forget that getting some rest is essential and you’ll feel much better after you do.
  10. Enjoy the Move
    • Regardless of all the stress and all the money you feel like you’re “losing” in this process, keep in mind that, in reality, you’re gaining a lot of stuff. You’re moving to Hawaii, after all. That should be all the motivation you need to enjoy the move!

Moving Services to Help You Relocate from California to Hawaii

Before reading this guide, you probably thought that relocating to Hawaii would be too much trouble. Now, you know that it’s not that hard — as long as you have a reliable mover that can help you relocate from California to one of the islands.

However, it doesn’t come down to just choosing a mover. It’s also important to make sure that the mover you’re thinking of hiring offers the moving services that you need. They can help you move to Hawaii, but can they transport your hot tub? These are the types of questions you need to ask.

  • There are lots of different moving services that you can hire. Before you look for a mover, it’s important that you learn a bit more about these services. This way, you’ll be able to find the moving company that offers all the services you’ll need specifically.
  • A fragile moving box stacked on top of other moving boxes.

There are lots of moving services that you can hire, and you’ll be better off if you at least know a thing or two about these services. To help you with this, we’ll briefly explain some of the most important moving services to help you relocate from California to Hawaii!

  • Furniture Transportation
    • If you’re not bringing your household appliances with you, you’re probably bringing your furniture at least. And the good news is that every mover offers furniture transportation services, even to Hawaii!
  • Residential Movers
    • Moving companies offer lots of services and they can help you with a bunch of random stuff, like gun transportation. And while you may think that every mover offers residential moving services, this is not the case. Some movers work exclusively with other types of moving, such as commercial or military moving, for instance. Hence why it’s important to make sure you’re hiring a residential mover.
  • Piano Transportation
    • In case you have a piano at home, you’re probably concerned about its transportation. Pianos are not necessarily the smallest of musical instruments — but there are lots of movers that can help you relocate a piano from California to Hawaii.
  • Art and Antiques Movers
    • Fragile items like art pieces and antiques can be easily transported anywhere in the country, as long as your mover has the right equipment. On top of that, they also need to have skilled staff that has undergone specific training to transport these items safely, so make sure to check all of that before booking a mover.
  • Hot Tub Movers
    • Hot tubs are pretty expensive, regardless of their size. In fact, they’re so expensive that it’s cheaper for families to relocate a hot tub from California to Hawaii than to buy a new one. And you can transport a hot tub, you just need to find the right moving company.
  • Pool Table Movers
  • Office Movers
    • Do you know how we mentioned residential movers? Well, commercial movers are their counterparts. While residential movers focus on helping families relocate from their houses or apartments, office (or commercial) movers help businesses relocate. And that includes moving an office from California to Hawaii.
  • Long-Distance Movers
    • We already talked about the types of movers you can hire, but we’d like to mention long-distance movers one more time. These professionals can help clients relocate to great lengths, and they’re the movers you’ll need to make a long-distance move from California to Hawaii.
  • Last-Minute Movers

The secret to a perfect relocation process is planning ahead of time. You certainly won’t have any fun if you just decide to move one second and call a mover the next second. But life is so unpredictable that your every plan may change abruptly and you’ll indeed have to move to Hawaii in the blink of an eye. In this case, hiring a last-minute mover will make this process a little less inconvenient for you.


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    3. We may also use the information you provide in your Quote Request to (i) contact you about your satisfaction with the Site, whether you obtained Relocation Services from any Vendor through the Site, the identity of any such Vendor, and your satisfaction with the Relocation Services provided by such Vendor, and (ii) to send you information and promotional messages about our associated products and services, or the products or services that we offer on this Site or on our other websites.
  2. ANONYMOUS INFORMATION. We use anonymous information to analyze our Site traffic. In addition, we may use anonymous IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer our site, or to display the content according to your preferences. Traffic and transaction information may also be shared with business partners and advertisers on an aggregate and anonymous basis.
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  4. DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. We may disclose any information we have for you if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to (1) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on us, (2) protect and defend our rights or property or the users of the Site, or (3) act under exigent circumstances to protect the safety of the public or users of the Site.
  5. SALE OF INFORMATION. In order to accommodate changes in our business, we may sell or buy portions of the Site or our company, including the information collected through this Site. If Company or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, user information will be one of the assets transferred to the acquirer.


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