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Moving from Idaho to Washington

According to reports, Idaho has become one of the states with the highest rate of inbound moves. People are even leaving states like New York and California so they can relocate to Idaho! Still, the state of Washington is the most popular destination for those who want to move out of Idaho.

  • images/moving-from-idaho-to-washington-imgs
    1. Boise, Idaho.min.jpg
    2. Seattle, Washington.min.jpg
    3. Movers at work.min.jpg
    4. Long-distance movers.min.jpg
    5. Farewell.min.jpg
    6. Preparing to move.min.jpg
  • Idaho is one of the top destinations in the country for people leaving California, but Washington is the top destination for those who are leaving Idaho.
  • Downtown Boise at night.

The number of people moving from Idaho to Washington State has grown significantly over the years, reaching an all-time high of approximately 12,600 people in 2019. In 2018 alone, over 260,000 people moved to The Evergreen State, making it one of the top destinations for residents from all over the country.

The fact that so many people want to relocate from Idaho to Washington is not surprising at all, especially considering that Washington is considered the #1 state in the country. There are several reasons for this title, including the fact that Washington has one of the best education and health care systems in the nation, as well as having one of the best economies.

  • The state of Washington is considered the top state in the country, with a great economy, booming job market, and high quality of life.
  • The Seattle skyline and the Space Needle.

While Idaho is one of the top 5 states, you may be considering moving to Washington. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that these two states are neighbor states, but that doesn’t mean that your belongings will arrive at your new address immediately. Moving companies have up to 21 business days to deliver a client’s items, according to the law.

Here’s everything you need to know about relocating from Idaho to Washington!


How Much Does It Cost to Move From Idaho to Washington?

You will be more than happy to know that moving from Idaho to Washington is not that expensive. The biggest cities in each of these states are approximately 500 miles apart from each other, thus you won’t need to hire an expensive moving service such as cross-country moving, for instance.

Because of the short distance between these states, it will be the type of move you make that will determine the final moving costs rather than the distance between your current and future addresses.

In case you are wondering how much money you will need to invest in this relocation process, here are the moving costs of moving from Idaho to Washington State.

Hiring a full-service moving company

For some people, the idea of organizing their belongings and packing them is just a nightmare. If you relate to that, you don’t have to worry. If you hire a full-service moving company, you can have it arranged for them to organize your belongings and pack everything for you.

These guys can help you with every step of the moving process and they can help you relocate any item you have at home, regardless of the size and weight. The only downside is that their services are relatively expensive, but this will depend on the moving package you acquire.

Here are the estimated moving costs of hiring a full-service moving company to relocate from Idaho (from Boise) to Washington (to Seattle, specifically).

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: $1392 – $2321
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: $2817 – $4696
  • 4+ Bedrooms: $2817 – $4696
  • Office-Commercial Moving: $5847 – $7912

Renting a DIY moving truck

Some cities in Idaho and the state of Washington are not too far apart and, if you live in one of those cities, you are probably considering taking charge of the moving process without hiring a moving company.

In this case, one of your best options is to rent a moving truck. Because of the short distance, you can easily drive the moving truck and transport your belongings to your new home. Keep in mind that this means you’ll have to pack your items and load the moving truck, though.

In addition to that, it is also important to be aware that, when you rent a moving truck, you are responsible for dealing with any problems (for instance, if you crash the truck or if the truck breaks down) and for paying for all the fees related to the problems as well as paying for gas and hiring moving insurance.

Here are the estimated moving costs of renting a DIY moving truck to relocate from Idaho to Washington. Note that these estimates don’t include additional expenses (gas, repairs, insurance, et cetera).

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: starting at $575
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: starting at $679
  • 4+ Bedrooms: starting at $786
  • Office-Commercial Moving: starting at $923

Renting a moving container

Have you ever heard about PODS? This company is best known for offering moving options that involve renting a moving container. When you rent a container, you only have to worry about packing your items and loading them into the container.

Once you are done loading the container, the moving company sends a truck to pick it up and drive it to your new address. This type of moving is more affordable than hiring a full-service moving company and doesn’t require nearly as much time as moving with a rental truck.

Here are the estimated moving costs of renting a moving container to relocate from Idaho to Washington.

  • Studio/1 Bedroom: starting at $350
  • 2-3 Bedrooms: starting at $450
  • 4+ Bedrooms: starting at $550
  • Office-Commercial Moving: starting at $750

How to Hire Movers from Idaho to Washington?

If you have never moved before, you might want to know that there are different types of movers that you can hire. And we’re not talking about different moving companies — we are talking about the different moving services they offer.

  • There are different types of movers that you can hire, and you need to make sure the exact type that you will need to relocate from Idaho to Washington State.
  • Two movers relocating items from an apartment.

For instance, if the mover you are thinking of hiring is a local mover, it means that they only perform local moves, that is, they only help people relocate within the same city or within the same state.

For those relocating to the Evergreen State, the type of mover you’ll need will depend on the city you are moving from and the city you are moving to. In the sections below, we’ll elaborate on that and show you how to hire movers from Idaho to Washington.

Interstate Movers

An interstate mover will help you relocate between neighboring states or states that don’t share a border but aren’t that far from one another. Technically, you need to hire one of these movers to relocate from Idaho to Washington.

Idaho is bordered by Washington, thus some cities in Idaho are less than 100 miles from cities in Washington. For instance, if you move from Moscow, Idaho to Spokane, Washington, hiring an interstate mover will suffice.

Long-Distance Movers

Now, if your city is not that close to Washington, you may need to hire a long-distance mover. These movers can help you relocate to any city that is over 400 miles away from your current location. For instance, if you’re moving from Boise, Idaho to Seattle, Washington, you’ll need to hire a long-distance mover (these two cities are over 500 miles apart).

  • While moving companies usually determine the distance that they consider “long-distance”, if you are moving to a place that is at least 400 miles away, your relocation will fall under this category.
  • Moving truck on the way to a different state.

Before you contact a mover, we recommend that you check a map first and see what is the distance between your current location and the place you’re considering moving to. If it’s over 400 miles, contact a long-distance mover. If it’s less than that, an interstate mover may be able to help you.

Cross-Country Movers

Another type of mover that you can hire is a cross-country mover. These movers offer a type of specialized service, thus they are required by law to have special licenses to perform relocations from one coast to another.

You are moving from Idaho to Washington State, thus you won’t need a cross-country mover by any means. If you were moving from Idaho to Washington, D.C., then you would need to hire one of these movers.

Moving Brokers

There are thousands of moving companies scattered across the country, which makes the task of finding the ideal mover just a tad bit harder. In case you still haven’t decided the type of move you’ll make or which mover you’ll hire, don’t worry. You can hire a moving broker.

First things first, moving brokers aren’t movers, thus they can’t help you relocate per se. What they can do, however, is help you find the right mover to help you relocate from Idaho to Washington State.

5 Best Moving Companies to Help Relocate from Idaho to Washington

While a moving broker will give you different moving company options, you can also do your own research and look for movers that suit your interests and budget. There are many options available, which means that you have to look carefully to make sure you find the very best movers.

To help get a headstart, we are going to present you with a few different options for your consideration. Some of these companies operate nationwide, while some are local-based, family-owned businesses. Here are the 5 best moving companies to relocate from Idaho to Washington (state).

Delicate Touch Movers


Delicate Touch Movers is a Boise (Idaho)-based moving company that can help you with long-distance moving. Not only does this company offer high-quality service, but their prices are also rather competitive — in a nutshell, you’ll get the most of your money when you hire them.

This company offers both residential and commercial moving services, as well as helping with full-service, long-distance moving. They are specialists in transporting bulky items, like hot tubs. If you like Delicate Touch Movers’ page on Facebook, you’ll get a 5% discount on your first move with them!

Puget Sound Moving & Storage


Now, if you want to hire a Washington-based moving company, you may want to consider hiring Puget Sound Moving & Storage (or simply PS Moving). This company offers a wide range of services, from residential, commercial, and apartment moving to specialty moving services (such as antique moving).

While they offer lots of services, Puget Sound Moving is ideal for those who live closer to the Washington State border. If you want to get moving quotes from PS Moving, you can either call them or fill a form on their website.

National Van Lines

National Van Lines

National Van Lines is a nationwide moving company that has agents operating all over the country, including in Idaho. This company has been in the market for almost 100 years, so you can rest assured that you will be hiring top-notch professionals when you hire National.

From local to long-distance moving, National Van Lines are specialists in many different moving services, including antique moving, piano moving, flat-screen TV moving, pool table moving, among other services.

Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines

Arpin is a leading moving company that operates across the nation. If you want to move from Idaho to Washington, they can help you — regardless of the types of moving services that you may need or the budget that you’re working on.

With competitive prices, Arpin Van Lines is one of the best options for anyone who is looking into relocating. You can get free moving quotes directly from their website or you can use our free moving costs calculator to receive instant quotes.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

If you are looking into hiring a nationwide company that is affordable, you should read about Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. This moving company is known for having competitive prices and offering quality service.

Whether you simply need furniture transportation services or if you need specialty moving services (such as art and antique moving), you can count on Stevens. On top of that, they also offer moving supplies, like boxes and plastic wrap. Visit their website to get free moving quotes.

What Are the Top Benefits of Moving from Idaho to Washington?

Before you pack your bags and hire a mover to relocate to Washington, you will probably want to learn more about your destination first. We don’t see the point in moving to a state that is not doing any better than yours unless you are moving to that place because you absolutely have to (due to a promotion at your job or something like that).

While the pros and cons of each state will vary depending on your thoughts and preferences, below we’re going to list a few pros and cons of both Idaho and Washington. Keep in mind that these are general bullet points, thus they may or may not be true to you.

Here are the top benefits of moving from Idaho to Washington.

Pros of Living in Idaho

  • Safety
    • Idaho is one of the safest states in the country, with only 224 violent crime incidents per 100,000 residents (the national average is 379). Living here means that you can go about your day without worrying about your own safety.
  • Small town feel
    • Even though the top cities in Idaho are relatively large and have populations of over 200,000 people, this state gives off a small-town feel. This type of climate is perfect for those who need to work in a big city but would like to live in smaller places.
  • Low unemployment rates
    • The job market in Idaho is one of the fastest-growing in the country, and the unemployment rate in this state is one of the lowest. The rate in October 2021 was only 2.8%, making Idaho the state with the fourth-lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Pros of Moving to Washington

  • Well-being
    • According to different reports, the residents in Washington State live a better and happier life than most other people in the country. That’s because this state is the #1 state in the US!
  • Diverse economy
    • The economy in the state of Washington relies on different sectors (like Aerospace, Information and Communication Technology, Real Estate, Forestry, among others), which means that there are plenty of job opportunities in different fields here.
  • Beautiful scenery
    • Washington is one of the prettiest states in the country, and there are activities for every season of the year. In this state, you’ll find beautiful lakes, mountains, forests, parks, museums, and much more!

Cons of Living in Idaho

  • Influx of people
    • In the last few years, Idaho has seen an increase in population that hasn’t been exactly pleasing to the locals. People from California, especially, are moving to Idaho and slowly affecting the culture and lifestyle of the state.
  • Gun laws
    • This is a relative factor. If you’re in favor of guns, the liberal gun laws in Idaho are no problem to you. Now, if you’re against guns, you probably don’t appreciate the fact that Idaho is a strong supporter and endorser of the Second Amendment.
  • Public transportation
    • According to Idaho residents, there is no such thing as relying on public transportation in this state. If you want to get around town, you have to get your own modes of transportation!

Cons of Moving to Washington

  • Bad drivers
    • One of the worst parts of relocating to Washington is that this state has some pretty bad drivers. This means that driving during the rush hour is a real nightmare when you live here.
  • Weather
    • As most people know, some parts of Washington State are basically grey all year round. In some places, it rains 4 or more days of the week, and it is always cold.
  • Cost of living
    • Depending on where you move in Washington (especially around the Seattle area), you will probably deal with expenses that are much higher than what you’re used to. Housing and taxes can be rather expensive in some parts of the state.

Comparison: Price of Living in Idaho vs. Price of Living in Washington

As we mentioned previously, living in Washington is fairly more expensive than living in Idaho. But that statement is only true if you relocate to certain parts of the Evergreen State. In Spokane, for instance, life will be much cheaper. Now, if you move to Seattle and the surrounding areas, you may have to spend up to $98,000 a year.

In the table below, we’ll show you the living costs for a family of two adults and two children. The numbers are calculated based on the expenses of living in Boise, Idaho, and Tacoma, Washington.

Child care$1,170$1,463
Health care$1,035$856
Other necessities$662$777
Monthly Total$6,555$6,977
Annual Total$78,660$83,727

All estimates presented in the table above were calculated using the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator.

Best Places to Move to in Washington

Unless you have a specific place where you want to (or have to) move to in Washington State, you are probably worried about finding an adequate city for you and your family. There are many great cities in the Evergreen State, so this task may be a little difficult.

First things first, you need to make a list of the things you are looking for in a city. Do you want to have many entertainment options? Do you want to live near good schools? Do you want to live in a colder or warmer place?

While you need to make your own list of qualities of your dream location, here are the 4 best places to move to in Washington State.

  • Seattle
    • If you want to move to a big city in Washington, Seattle will probably be your first option. This city is the most populous in the state and is one of the most well-known cities on the West Coast.
  • Redmond
    • If you have children, you probably want to move to a place that has plenty of good schools where they can study. Redmond has a population of over 60,000 people and has some of the best public schools in the state.
  • Sammamish
    • Nobody wants to live in a dangerous city, that’s a fact. In case you are looking to move to a safe city, you may want to know that Sammamish was elected the safest city in the state. But it’s also important to keep in mind that the state of Washington has low crime rates overall.
  • Spokane
    • As we mentioned earlier in the article, living in the Evergreen State can be expensive, but only if you move to Seattle and surrounding areas. If you move to Spokane, for instance, you’ll live in one of the cheapest cities in Washington. Here you’ll spend as little as $2,500/month (if you live alone and have no children).

In the end, is Moving from Idaho to Washington Worth It?

Idaho and Washington are, respectively, the #5 and #1 best states in the country. These two states have everything that you may dream of: a good economy, plenty of job opportunities, low crime rates, great schools, quality health care, and good quality of life overall.

While thousands of Americans are moving to Idaho each year, thousands of Idaho residents are relocating to Washington. The reasons for that are not totally clear, but if we had to guess we would say that it’s because, Idaho may have great qualities, but the Evergreen State has even greater qualities.

Culturally speaking, one of the downsides (for some people) of moving to Washington State is that this state is more liberal than it is conservative, whereas Idaho is mostly conservative. This difference in political ideology is directly reflected in gun laws, for instance. Idaho is far more liberal when it comes to open carry and the possession of firearms, while Washington is quite the opposite.

In terms of costs of living and housing costs, it is safe to say that you won’t feel such a big difference, only if you move to Seattle (which is far more expensive than any city in Idaho). In other places, the costs of living are quite similar in both states.

In the end, our final verdict is that moving from Idaho to Washington is worth it.

How to Move from Idaho to Washington?

Moving is a unique process and, as such, it will be different for every person. For some people, moving to a new place is equal to a nightmare, while for other people this is a delightful process.

  • Before you relocate to Washington, there are a few things you can do in order to optimize your moving process, including saying farewells and getting some rest.
  • Hands showing farewell.

Regardless of the way you feel about moving, one thing is for sure: you have to be prepared for this process. You can’t simply call a mover and hire their services without doing prior research and preparations.

If you are considering taking the first step in the moving process, here are 10 tips on how to move from Idaho to Washington!

  1. Plan Ahead
    • The key to a successful move is to plan ahead. If you stop to think about it, planning ahead of moving is not even a big deal! You just have to take a couple of hours to sit down and write a list of the things you will have to do to relocate. Alternatively, you can download our free moving checklist to help in this process.
  2. Downsize
    • Most moving companies will determine your moving costs based on the number of items that you possess. This means that, if you want to save some money in the moving process, you have to downsize.
  3. Get Moving Quotes
    • When we want to buy something, we compare prices in different stores in order to get the best deal. The same strategy should be used when it comes to moving. Get moving quotes from different companies and compare them. You can use our free moving costs calculator to receive quotes in under 3 minutes.
  4. Book Movers
    • Once you find the most affordable and trustworthy mover that suits your needs, it’s time to book their services. The sooner you hire a mover, the bigger the chances of getting a discount — or at least avoiding paying extra fees.
  5. Visit Your New Area
    • In case you’re still not sure about moving to Washington, you can visit your new area to make a final decision. Depending on where you live in Idaho, Washington State is just a car drive away, so this should be no problem.
  6. Start Packing
    • At this point, you’ve chosen a mover, visited your new area, and you’ve created a moving plan. Now, it’s time for you to start packing your items. You can purchase moving supplies directly from your mover or you can pay your mover to pack for you.
  7. Create an Essentials Box
    • On the ride to Washington, you’ll probably want to eat a snack or two, and you’ll certainly want to drink water. To make your life easier, you can pack all of these items into a single box, the Essentials box, and take it with you in your car.
  8. Say Farewells
    • Even though you’ll only be a couple of hours away from your friends and family, you should still take some time to say farewells to the meaningful people in your life.
  9. Get Some Rest
    • Moving is a stressful process because you have to deal with multiple things at once in order to make sure that you can relocate in time. Because of that, it’s not unusual for people to get some rest. Keep in mind that resting is essential, or else you’ll only get more stressed out.
  10. Enjoy the Move
    • And last, but not least, it’s incredibly important that you enjoy the move from Idaho to Washington. If you start this chapter of your life on the wrong foot, it’s safe to say that you won’t like it too much. But, to be honest, what’s there not to enjoy about moving to the top state in the country?

Moving Services to Help You Relocate from Idaho to Washington

Each moving company that you think of hiring will give you a long list of services that they may offer. Some companies offer way more services than others, and it is always important to know exactly which types of services you will need.

  • There are multiple moving services that you can hire, and it’s important that you know exactly which services you will need before you try to find a mover.
  • Preparing items from an apartment to relocate.

Some services are more common than others, and below we’ll list a few of them. Here are 9 moving services to help you relocate from Idaho to Washington.

  • Furniture Transportation
    • The most common of all services, furniture transportation is exactly what you are thinking it is. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to relocate the furniture you have at home instead of buying everything once again. And that’s where furniture movers come in handy.
  • Residential Movers
    • Whether you’re moving from a house or moving from an apartment, you will need to hire residential movers. Most companies offer this service, so you should have no issues finding an ideal mover.
  • Piano Transportation
    • Some pianos are larger than others but, regardless of the size of a piano, you can count on piano movers. In case you want to move a piano from Idaho to Washington, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t spend nearly as much as you would if you had to buy a new piano.
  • Art and Antiques Movers
    • If you’re worried about those art pieces and antiques you have at home, worry no more. Lots of moving companies offer specialty moving services, including art and antique moving. This means that these companies are specialists in transporting these fragile items, so you can rest assured that everything will get to Washington in one piece.
  • Hot Tub Movers
    • Hot tubs are quite heavy, and you don’t even have to own one of these to know that they’re also really expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to sell your hot tub before you move to Washington. You can hire a hot tub mover to help you relocate!
  • Pool Table Movers
    • Pool tables may not be as heavy as hot tubs, but they’re also quite bulky. The good news is that you can transport these bulky items as long as you hire pool table movers to help you move a pool table from Idaho to Washington.
  • Office Movers
    • In case you own a business, you can also relocate a business to Washington. Office (or commercial) movers will transport the items from your office or store (or whatever type of business you own).
  • Long-Distance Movers
    • Depending on where you live in Idaho, you will likely need to hire a long-distance mover to relocate to Washington. If you want to avoid paying extra fees, you should contact a long-distance mover as soon as you can.
  • Last-Minute Movers
    • If your plans change suddenly and you need to move from Idaho to Washington sooner than you originally thought, you can count on last-minute movers. These guys can even help you relocate on the same day you contact them! But keep in mind that this particular moving service is quite expensive.


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