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Planning your Relocation to the State of Idaho

Why is life always so filled with “supposed to’” and “should have” when it comes to making real-life choices? Who wrote the book on life anyway? Who you become, where you reside and ultimately where you end up, should be the story of a multitude of choices and journeys that you took because it felt right at the time. Relocating to a new state shouldn’t be a scary thing at all! It might seem like something only actors in movies seem brave enough to do, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do!

Relocating to Idaho will come with a few rules and know-how’s, coupled with a list of things to prepare for, avoid and understand before being embarked on.

Do you even know what to expect from Idaho? For example, most people when asked will just say that Idaho is famous for its potatoes. Well, there’s certainly more to this famous state, like ghost towns, strange female traditions and it even holds a world record – but you’ll read about that a bit further on.

Old world map zooming in on the state of Idaho
When considering moving state, it’s always great to see where you’re going to be on the map, both literally and figuratively. Idaho has 6 neighboring states.

Relocating to Idaho means moving to the 39th most populous and the 14th most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. Idaho attained statehood on July 3rd, 1890. The state borders six bordering states, namely Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. Idaho, more affectionately known as “the Gem State” comprises 44 counties and the capital is Boise. 

There is so much to learn about this wonderful and huge state, that relocating will be a dream when you consider all the enticing elements that it’s home for. Moving will be all the more simple too because you’ll soon be equipped with all the facts about how to relocate states and how to do it as effortlessly as possible.


The Pros and Cons of Moving to Idaho

At the point of making a decision to relocate, or any major decision in life, it’s always helpful making a pros and cons list. It’ll help to compare the benefits versus the potential setbacks of moving to Idaho.

Pros of Moving to Idaho
The price of housing is competitive You can purchase a property at an average of around $160,000, meaning that average mortgage payment for households in Idaho is just a little over $1,200. For rentals, a single-family home goes for around $750 per month.
A highly competitive job market Unemployment across the entire state of Idaho sits at just 2.9%. Compare that with the 4.1% average across the United States as a whole.
If you need a job, you’ll find one! There is a range of job sectors with available positions at any given time and most positions don’t require a specific degree or skill for employment either. There aren’t as many barriers to employment in Idaho as in other states.
A safe place to live. This is due to the large open spaces in Idaho and its lower crime rates compared to similar settings year on year. Law-enforcement is invested massively to support a low crime rate.
Cleanliness and organization are key to the cities in Idaho On a daily basis, cleanliness is kept as a top priority in Idaho, and disarray is not a word in their dictionary. In general, most of the population endeavor to do their best to maintain the value of their surroundings.
Idaho citizens are overwhelmingly friendly. Living in Idaho exposes you to a friendliness that will stop you in your tracks. In trouble, people go out of their way to try and assist you and simple discussions can start as just that and end up with a number exchange and an arrangement to meet in the future!
Cons of Moving to Idaho
People are somewhat isolationist There is a definite tendency where people in Idaho wish to be left alone when it comes to your business. It has the lowest population density rates in the country, and typically you and your family are the most company you’ll have!
Idaho is growing at a rapid rate Cities like Boise are growing at a rate that infrastructure cannot handle. Two-lane roads are common in Idaho, resulting in frustratingly large traffic jams. With only a handful of exits per community, you end up traveling through unnecessary places to reach your destination.
A general lack of diversity throughout In Boise alone, 88% of the total population stems from European Caucasian descent. There has been a shift of late, but in general, you will need to consider that if you are of a different ethnic group or culture, you could be in a very small minority.
No one’s shy of guns in Idaho You have a right to defend yourself and your loved ones and in a carry state, anyone can own and handle a gun even if they have no idea how to. This is pretty overwhelming to absorb if guns aren’t your thing. Seeing holsters around hips is common, so be prepared to see that.
Public transportation does not really exist in Idaho. You don’t have a car? You might want to get one. Idaho doesn’t cater all that well to public transport. Sure, the likes of Uber are available, but very rarely in rural areas. Having a car will become a necessity.
Shopping opportunities are limited If you’re fond of luxury items and expensive brand names, then you may as well succumb to the fact that shopping will be rather boring in the state of Idaho. You can find a Walmart and The Home Depot without fail, but the rest will be pretty tough to find.

A few fun facts and even funnier laws!

Did you know:

  • Idaho’s name derives from a Native American word meaning “the land of many waters.” The pronunciation is even similar to the state’s name.
  • Idaho is often referred to as the Gem State. That’s because it is home to almost 72 variations of precious stones.
  • Almost a third of America’s potatoes are grown in Idaho alone!
  • In McCall, you’ll find a resort that is home to the Brundage Bra Tree. Why do you ask? Because this is where many women have been known to toss their bras as they catch a ride in the chairlift.
  • Idaho holds a Guinness World Record for a maze?! Yip, the longest straw bale maze exists in a place named Rupert.
  • You’ll find a number of ghost towns in Idaho.
  • Idaho is home to a dog-shaped bed and breakfast, and it is the only one of its kind.
  • In a small town in the state, you’ll find the longest main street in the USA.
  • Bruneau Dunes State Park is home tothe country’s tallest structure. It stands a whopping 470 feet high.
Man holding potatoes in his hands
Due to the rich volcanic soil, water from melted snow in the mountains, clean air, warm days, and cool nights all combine to produce high-quality potatoes that have made Idaho famous for them on a global scale

Don’t get caught:

  • If you’re a man and you plan to give your darling a boxof sweets weighing more than 50 pounds. As bizarre as this sounds, you’ll be in for some trouble. Keep it to 40 pounds just to be safe!
  • Just, say cheese!! Yip, in Pocatello, smiling became such an obsession that they passed a law where it became illegal not to smile any longer when in this quaint region of Idaho.
  • Fishing while you’re engaging in a camelback ride. Excuse me, what? We don’t make the laws, it’s true.
  • Sweeping dirt out from your house into the street. This law was passed in Eagle, Idaho where cleanliness is next to Godliness on a whole new level.

Nature, climate and all things weather!

Even though the climate is known to vary in different areas of the state, mostly, you’ll find that the climate of Idaho is rather temperate. What does this mean exactly? Quite simply, you experience a climate of four seasons that comes with great changes in average temperatures between summer and winter.

Higher altitudes have moderate summer days and extremely cold winter days. Though lower valleys and plains seldom ever drop below zero degrees. The ocean does not affect the temperature too greatly in Idaho, and when it does, it’s the Pacific Ocean that is responsible for any of the diverse climatic changes and weather patterns. Namely, the rain and snow that blows off the Pacific Coast and the Northern part of the state receives more precipitation than southern Idaho, which is home to the sunnier summer temperatures. A lack of mountainous areas in the Northern part sees precipitation more than four times as much as that received in the southern part of the state.

February is the month where everyone gets to experience major chills with icy winters, covered with cloudy skies, wetter in north and west regions. Idahoans will experiencetemperatures ranging anywhere from between 33°F (0.6°C) to 50°F (10°C) during the day and -1°F (-18.3°C) to 30°F (-1.1°C) during the night.

Idaho Weather

Where nature is concerned, almost all states work at being more green and eco-friendly. But it’s the state of Idaho that is taking this shift seriously and getting there at a higher rate than everyone else. As an example, Idaho’s Capital is the only state capital that can be kept warm using a renewable source of energy. This energy source is called “geothermal water”. Geothermal water is hot water that sits 3,000 feet underground and is utilized for the production of heat.

A few beautiful places to see and experience in nature when in Idaho include the hiking and ski areas in Sun Valley; Yellowstone National Park; the Oregon Trail; Shoshone Falls and Snake River. There are plenty of other lakes and falls that will leave you in awe when experiencing their wonder.

Be prepared for natural disasters

  • Dam Collapse
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes

For more info and stats relating to the above disasters, visit Natural disasters in Idaho.

Volcanic lava erupting from a volcano
Volcanoes form part of the list of a few natural disasters you can expect to experience if you reside in the state of Idaho. This is a beautiful shot captured of the lava erupting

Ready to relocate to Idaho?

Moving costs to consider

Relocating to a new state is not only an emotional decision, but it’s also a monumental financial decision. Ill preparing could set you back a bit once you’ve reached your new home and then all your plans and living expectations could take serious strain. Consider not only your moving costs, but your new living costs upon arrival when you’re budgeting.

During your research in moving cost estimates, it’s recommended that you consider all the variables, unknowns and additional fees that you’re not thinking of right at the outset. It all adds up, and when it does, you want to be financially prepared. Surprises are not welcome here!

Take a look at the approximate relocation costs which might give you a clearer idea on how to budget for such a migration to the Gem State:

  • New York City to Idaho: $3,473 – $4,827
  • Los Angeles to Idaho: $5,792 – $8,173
  • Chicago to Idaho: $3,052 – $4,211
  • Boston to Idaho: $$3,724 – $5,183
  • Washington D.C. to Idaho: $3,046 – $4,202
  • Houston to Idaho: $4,150 – $5,796

Should you buy or should you rent?

It’s true that there are plenty of positives of owning a home, but there can also be a few disadvantages. Let’s say you suddenly need to relocate and sell your home, this would be far simpler if you were renting. Average homes are selling at just over $160,000, meaning that you’re in for a mortgage payment of a little over $1,200. Should you decide to rent, you can rent a single-family home for around $750 per month.

In the larger more popular cities, you’ll see a trend of higher rental prices. But you can always shop for a good deal just off the Interstate corridors if you’re watching your bank account. Rural communities on the other hand, often see 3-bedroom apartments going for as little as $100 per month. Such a steal! In Boise alone, you’ll find a 1-bedroom option under $500 per month.

Overall, the cost of housing in Idaho is very moderate and affordable. And you really can find a quaint little cottage to suit your humble lifestyle, or an executive estate if you’re into luxury, space and architecturally pleasing designs. When it comes to the value of homes, it varies between cities.

What it feels like to live as an Idahoan

The financial side of things

When one takes a look at the average costs of housing, utilities, health care and transportation, Idaho’s cost of living ranks as the second-lowest of the 11 Western States. Let’s take a look at the major costs of the average family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children in a month in Boise, Idaho. Through the Budget calculator per state we were able to establish the following:

FOOD $774
TAXES $843
Monthly Total $6,555
Annual Total $78,660


In Boise alone, 88% of the overall population stems from European Caucasian descent. This is shifting somewhat due to the rate of population increase that Idaho is going through, but there are several groups of traveling workers tending to the agricultural needs here as well. Moving to Idaho could see you identifying with a minority group, and then it’s highly possible that you may be the only person there who shares your heritage or culture.

Ethnicities are currently recorded as follows:

  • White: 90.49%
  • Other race: 3.15%
  • Two or more races: 2.76%
  • Asian: 1.41%
  • Native American: 1.35%
  • Black or African American: 0.68%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.16%

Where gender is concerned, males make up 51.1% of the population and females make up 49.9%, while the age gap occupying the largest percentage is the 35 to 44-year-old category.


Idaho once again wins the prize for having exemplary levels of education per capita. The state ranks in the top third among the 50 states for the percentage of adults aged 25 and older as high school graduates, meaning 84.7%).

The following educational facilities are among the best universities and colleges in Idaho:

School Name School Type City in Idaho
Brigham Young University University Rexburg
Northwest Nazarene University University Nampa
College of Idaho University Caldwell
University of Idaho University Moscow
Boise State University University Boise
Lewis-Clark State College University Lewiston


The healthcare system in Idaho comes with a very good reputation for taking care of those who need it most. They have a number of programs in place that assist with medical insurance. For example, the coverage for low income families and also for children.

Then you get the likes of Medicaid, which provides free or low-cost health coverage to eligible needy individuals, however, on the other side of things, there is currently no state law that requires any employer to offer group healthcare insurance to their employees. With that said, many do offer this benefit to their employees in their contracts anyway.

Below is a list of well-known medical institutions in Idaho:

Hospital City Bed count
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Idaho Falls 289
Franklin County Medical Center Preston 20
Gritman Medical Center Moscow 25
Kootenai Health Coeur d’Alene 330

Tourism Attractions

Once you’ve cozied up in your new home and are ready to explore all Idaho has to offer, you’ll be in for some pretty epic attractions and experiences. There is endless beauty in Idaho and you’ll want to drink it all up in one go. But pace yourself, there’s plenty to see and do! Here are just a few of the top natural attractions:

  • Sun Valley – Sun Valley is a stunning resort in the state of Idaho known for its ski areas at Bald Mountain and nearby Dollar Mountain. There are miles of mountain trails, equestrian routes and wildflower-filled meadows to enjoy amongst a heap more of outdoor experience. Sun Valley
  • Craters of the moon – In the south of Idaho, you’ll discover a lunar-like landscape that resulted from a volcanic eruption almost 2000 years ago. With five caves to explore and searing temperatures, you’ll feel as though you’re part of a science experiment! Craters of the moon
  • Sawtooth National Recreation Area – This wildland is situated in central Idaho and is 756,000 acres huge. Boasting 700 miles of hiking and equestrian trails, with peaks rising over 10,000 feet, you’ll never wish to leave! You can camp overnight and enjoy outdoor activities all year round Sawtooth National Recreation Area
  • Lake Coeur d’Alene – This mountain-ringed lake in Northern Idaho is a thing of beauty and this is apparent with just one visit. The lake stretches 25 miles longand is surrounded by a luscious forest packed with scenic hiking trails. Other activities include boating, sailing and fishing. But be sure to go in the summertime!
  • Hell’s Canyon National Recreational Area – You can find this recreational site in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest of northern Idaho. Enjoy hiking and horseback trails, rafting down the white-water rapids of the Snake River, or in winter go skiing and snowmobiling. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
Landscape picture of a mountain range and lake in Idaho
Idaho is filled with scenic and picturesque landscapes that can be found in all regions, amazing for hiking, skiing and exploring

Top cities in Idaho

City What makes it great Population
Boise A rapidly growing city, heaving with arts and culture. With all its natural beauty and job opportunities, coupled with virtually no crime, good schools, and neighborhoods, it’s a dream city to reside in. With endless outdoor activities, you’ll never wish to go anywhere else! 214237
Nampa Nampa is reputable for its successful food processing, agriculture and manufacturing companies. However, restaurants and other retail outlets have certainly risen to the occasion in this environment-rich city. Their healthcare and technology are rising quickly, much to everyone’s satisfaction. 86518
Meridian If you’re looking for a clean and safe city, the Meridian is the place to be. With low crime rates and friendly people, this is a city where you’d be thrilled to raise your children. On the business side, it shows exponential economic growth and population growth. 83596
Idaho Falls You’ve just found the best of both worlds. IdahoFalls ranks in the top 5 for growth in high paying jobs as well as the top 10 for affordable housing and household income growth. But wait, there’s more! It’s also sitting pretty in the top 15 for per capita spending on food, health care coverage. 58292
Pocatello A small and quaint city but with large city amenities. An Intertwined community with many available options on the types of places where you can go for entertainment and food. Pocatello is beautiful and Old Town Pocatello is a stop you should make to go and explore. 54350
Caldwell Downtown Caldwell was actually a ghost town at one point if you can believe it! Now, you’ll be lucky if you can get a table to eat at, on a Friday night! It is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho! Though they still have a strong sense of community no matter how much they tend to grow. 48957

Looking for work?

Idaho’s economy is extremely diverse with manufacturing and agriculture sitting at the top in terms of popular industries. Followed by the likes of high-tech, tourism, retail, healthcare, business, and information services. If you’re looking to find a listing that suits your needs and skill set, it would be best to begin with Idaho Commerce and Labor, comprising an impressive 24 offices throughout Idaho.

Statistics show that the current unemployment rate across the entire state of Idaho is just 2.9%. Compared to the 4.1% rate being the average for American States. Despite the fact that the minimum wage of Idaho matches the required federal level at $7.25 per hour, the overall cost of living is lower too.

Top hiring firms in Idaho

You can easily find a job through a number of online job search tools as well. Try jobs in Idaho and simply search by entering your zip code and the type of work you’re after! There are loads of options and you can even choose a place that’s not too far from home.

Financial Economy and top industries

As we all know, Idaho is huge in agriculture, making up 15% of the workforce. However, other top sectors include healthcare and government positions. Due to the city center hosting predominantly ranches and farms, it’s ideal for one to have those that can take care of it all.

The great part is that most of the positions available for placing of candidates do not require a specific degree or skill for employment.

Top industries include those amongst:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Timber
  • Mining
Green tractor plowing fields.
Agriculture is one of the top industries in the state of Idaho, making up a whopping 15% of the workforce.

Things to do

There is no chance of ever being lost without something to do in the popular Gem State – Idaho! You can go fishing, join a team or go solo on a hiking trail. Take a raft upstream or ski in the colder months. The best outdoor adventures await in this beautifully magnificent state.

  • Northern Idaho
    • Looking for lush forests and wildlife like no other? Try Sapphire Lakes. Exploring North Idaho is an idyllic exploration of nature at its best.
  • North Central Idaho
    • This is a one for the lovers of history! Trace the steps of Lewis & Clark and find the breathtaking Northwest Passage to the Pacific.
  • Southwest Idaho
    • Do cultural experiences get your juices flowing? Then Southwest Idaho is for you! From the Boise Art Museum to Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, you are spoilt for choice.
  • South Central Idaho
    • From rock climbing to horse riding or wondering through the nature reserves parks will leave you taking eye-catching photos worth boasting about. The big rivers and distinctive landscapes will keep you going back for more.
  • Central Idaho
    • Cast your line in Hemingway’s favorite creek, enjoy rafting Middle Fork or Main Salmon River, either way, you will have the time of your life. The tallest mountain peak in Idaho is reason enough.
  • Eastern Idaho
    • Free roaming wildlife, luscious landscapes and mighty rivers are all you need to enjoy the best Eastern Idaho has to offer.
  • Southeast Idaho
    • A beautiful turquoise-blue 20-mile lake will undoubtedly take your breath away. If hot springs are your thing, you’re in luck! Not to mention a rich Native American history and an ancient volcano for those looking for something with a twist.

Other interesting things to see and do:

  • Idaho is home to the longest gondola ride in the world! So buckle up and enjoy the beauty from high up. You’ll find this ride in Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg.
  • It is also home to the longest boardwalk in the world! At 3,300 feet this is definitely one for all those who love a walk along the beach.
  • Idaho is also home to thehighest navigable river in the world, the St Joe River. This river flows from an impressive elevation of almost 7,000 feet.
Woman hiking with a child on her back
Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities when choosing to explore all the wonder that nature has to offer in the outdoor and adventurous state of Idaho.

Getting around in good old Idaho

The average commute time in Idaho has been recorded at an average of 18.4 minutes. The more populated areas of Idaho might have a slightly higher average commute time. However, it is still quicker than the United States’ average time of 26.4 minutes. Being Idaho, traffic is not the sole influence over commuting times. Other factors such as the weather play are other factors to consider. Notoriously, snow and ice affect commuting times drastically. Always consider the safest route when commuting in Idaho.

Main highways in Idaho:

  • Interstate 15
  • Interstate 184
  • Business Loop 90

ITD is responsible for the transportation infrastructure, which comprises of:

  • Around 12,200 miles of roads
  • 1,800+ bridges
  • Around 1,630 miles of rail lines
  • 126 airports
  • 29 rest areas
  • 12 ports of entry

Baseline 5 year statistics on traffic fatalities or serious injuries:

Traffic fatalities on Public Roads Serious injuries on Public Roads
2013 – 2017 222.6 2013 – 2017 1,292.2
Target 5 Year Ave. 2015 – 2019 187.0 Target 5 Year Ave. 2015 – 2019 1,230.0

Public transport options in Idaho

If you don’t own a vehicle and are thinking about moving to Idaho, then you will want to take care of this disadvantage right away. Living in Boise won’t be a problem typically. Nor will any of the larger cities really. However, in the rural side of Idaho, rides with the likes of Uber and Lyft are rarely found – they’re relatively non-existent. If you do manage to gain access to a bus or rail option, you’ll notice that the systems run very inefficiently.

Below you’ll find popular modes of transport used by the public, along with their respective costs:

Public Transport Type Price / Fee
Local Busses Single Ride = $1.50 and a day pass = $2.50
Taxi A minimum fee of $ 7.50 and $27.50 per minute traveled
Uber UBERX Base fare = $2.55 Uber XL Base fare = $3.85
Lyft Lyft Base fee = $3.46 Lyft Plus Base fee = $3.90
Biking $75 for a full day or $85 for 24 hours. $65 for Additional Days.

Low crime rate

When relocating to Idaho, one of the crucial elements is you and your family’s safety. It’s recommended then that you research the crime rates and cities that are deemed as safe compared to others etc. Local police stations and authorities would be able to provide you with statistics to help you make your decision with peace of mind. It’s fair to say that Idaho’s crime rate is the lowest in the West, and this is according to FBI Statistics.

Did you know that the Gem State – Idaho – is one of the 10 safest states in the U.S.? Regardless of the rate of population growth, Idaho continues to impress in this category by actually dropping its crime rate. Idaho boasts two law enforcement officials per every 1000 citizens and the top five safest cities are well under the average of others in the major crime categories.

The safest cities in Idaho are Rexburg, Meridian, Moscow, Post Falls, and Idaho Falls, in that order.

In the end, is moving to Idaho worth it?

It’s no news to Americans or anyone I’m sure, that the general American population is subjected to migration. What tends to happen is that the residents move from their native state onto new ones for a variety of reasons.

Idaho has an unnatural beauty. It is literally a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of breathtaking landscapes and diverse nature. You’ll discover winding rivers and thick forests along with stretches of farmland with high peaks in the distance.

When it comes to your kid’s education and whether they’ll be taken care of, you’re in the best place you can be.

The rivers, mountains, and farmland dominate the state’s landscape. The panhandle has stunning green hillsides, mountains, and pristine lakes. There is an undeniable character about the state of Idaho that you just can’t explain. Whichever part of this magnificent state you choose to live in, you’ll find phenomenal landscapes and scenery, a heap of activities and lovely friendly people.

How to Move to Idaho

Woman holding a box for packing
When it’s time to move, the best thing to do is call in the professionals! Relocating to another state is all the simpler when you have a helping hand in the packing!
  • Plan Ahead – Relocating is a major life decision. Take the time to plan, make notes, do research, get quotes and consider your emotions and your gut throughout the process. The right decisions take time, so don’t rush through it!
  • Downside – Idaho is a lovely place for a fresh start. If your family is becoming smaller, or your household goods are fewer after the move, then look at cutting costs to match the theme of downsizing. Start off with a smaller home or a rental.
  • Get Moving Quotes – Moving quotes can be pretty hefty. This is where you need to think smart and get professional. Site inspectors can easily evaluate and quote you with accuracy based on your moving needs. Compare more than one set of quotes and decide which cost suits your needs the best.
  • Book Movers – It’s time to make the booking! It’s daunting, yet thrilling! Your migration to Idaho is just around the corner. Be sure to ask all the right questions, read the fine print and avoid any nasty hidden costs that could crop up where you least expect.
  • Visit your New Area – This is a no-brainer! One should always holiday in the state before deciding if it truly is the right fit for you and your family. Go ahead and book a trip, stay awhile, get a feel for as many experiences that you may become a part of your daily life as you can.
  • Start Packing – This is when it’s all smiles and it’s time to get moving! Blow the dust of those old suitcases and get packing! Not only are you packing your bags, but you’ll be packing boxes – plenty of them! There are professional packers too that could assist with this if you prefer. Look them up and remember to chuck out all the old unwanted items – perhaps with a charity.
  • Create an Essential Box – That box that has your toothpaste, your first week’s clothing outfits and other essentials that cannot go missing or cannot come late, that’s the box you create just for you to take with you.
  • Say your Farewells – It may be hanging heavily on your heart, but it’s time to say goodbye. You’re all packed, you’re good to go, but maybe take a walk down your favorite street one last time, or visit that favorite restaurant with a few old friends before you head out.
  • Get Some Rest – Get a good, restful night’s sleep. You have a long trip ahead of you and you’ll need to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for it. So sleep well and get a fresh start!
  • Enjoy the MoveDon’t forget this one, it’s the most important really. Revel in all the fun and exciting parts of the move. Relocating to Idaho was probably a taxing decision on your mind, health, and everything, but you’ve made it and it’s time to enjoy it. Put all the fear behind you, take photos and laugh throughout until you’re finally settled.

Unsure whether you’ve ticked all of the boxes? Go through our downloadable moving checklist available on our website to give you peace of mind.

Moving services to help you relocate to Idaho

  • Furniture TransportationThis might feel like the nightmare part of the entire move because you’re worried about breakables and insurance and the safety of your furniture at this time. However, there are plenty of moving companies that understand how you feel and are more than happy to help you through this part seamlessly.
  • Residential MoversWhen moving to Idaho, you can opt for the residential moving options to move all of your goods. They have a dynamic team that is trained specifically for residential moves in the way that they wrap, pack and transport your precious goods.
  • Piano TransportationAre you a musician? Do you have a piano to move? Heavy and fragile items such as these aren’t the easiest and that is why you need to find a specialist for that particular item.
  • Art and Antique MoversThese prized pieces need to be dealt with delicately. You cannot replace them and nor do you wish to ever imagine having to try. Get these items delivered to Idaho with, once again, a specialist mover.
  • Hot Tub MoversDon’t want to sell your hot tub? Your Idaho home would look great with one in it. So take it! But make sure you contact a specialist mover for this too. They know exactly how to get this hot and steamy job done!
  • Pool Table MoversIt’s tough to give up on a game that you’re so good at. Or perhaps you’ve been practicing all your life and aren’t quite the stalwart you’d hope you’d be. Well, don’t’ leave it behind, there are specialist movers who know how to transport these huge sporting tables.
  • Office Movers If you are a business owner, there are also office movers who can help you to move all your office equipment to Idaho. These movers are trained to handle office moves effectively and efficiently.
  • Long Distance Movers – Not everything about moving to Idaho has to be as long as the process of getting to this position. The move might be long distance, but long-distance movers are very familiar with the easiest and quickest way to get your life moved from your current state all the way to Idaho.
  • Last Minute MoversRelocating to Idaho has a list of to-do’s longer than the list of states! There is plenty to get done, so when that one thing is forgotten that you never even realized wasn’t taken care of until that moment you did, the last-minute movers come to the rescue.


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1.7 User agrees that mymovingestimates.com may collect identifiable information that includes, but is not limited to full name of the client, moving from and to zip, city, state; phone number, email address, and relevant details about the service. It is your choice whether to provide us with the personally identifiable information, however, you may not be able to access certain portions of the Site, or we may be unable to respond to your inquiry effectively without this information.

1.8 Advertising disclosure: we will try to connect you with a third-party service provider who may serve your move and we may receive a compensation for sending this information. When you voluntarily submit personal information on Site, third-party service provider may contact you for services in which you express an interest. We do not associate any personal information we collect from you with information collected by our partners. The use of your personal information by our partners is regulated by their Terms of Services, not this Terms of Services.

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3.2 If any term or provision of this TOS is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or determination that a term or provision was unenforceable will not affect any other term or provision of this TOS or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction. Upon such determination that any term or other provision is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, this TOS will be modified to reflect the original intent of the parties as closely as possible.

3.5 This TOS will be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of New York without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule (whether of New York or any other jurisdiction). Any legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of or based upon this TOS must be instituted in the courts of Kings County, New York, and each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts in any such suit, action or proceeding. The parties irrevocably and unconditionally waive any objection to the laying of venue of any suit, action or any proceeding in such courts and irrevocably waive and agree not to plead or claim in any such court that any such suit, action or proceeding brought in any such court has been brought in an inconvenient forum.

Privacy Policy

MyMovingEstimates.com respects the privacy of our customers and individuals using our Site. This Privacy Policy is to keep you informed about the types of information collected on MyMovingEstimates.com and how the information is used and protected. We reserve the right to change and update this Privacy Policy at any time.

What information do we collect?

User agrees and acknowledges that mymovingestimates.com may collect and use non-identifiable technical data and related information for users that request a quote. This includes the pages you view, the length of your visit to the Site, IP address, browser type, mouse movements and clicks.

User agrees that mymovingestimates.com may collect identifiable information that includes, but is not limited to full name of the client, moving from and to zip, city, state, phone number, email address, and other relevant details about the move. It is your choice whether to provide us with the personally identifiable information, however, you may not be able to access certain portions of the Site, or we or third-parties may be unable to respond to your inquiry effectively without this information.

How do we protect your information?

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you submit a moving quote request. All supplied sensitive information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Do we use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies and store them on the Users computer. We may contract with third-party service providers to assist us in better understanding our site visitors. These service providers are not permitted to use the information collected on our behalf except to help us conduct and improve our business.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

Personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

Third party links

Occasionally, at our discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our website. These third-party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. We have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. You visit third party websites at your own risk. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). If you are under 13 years of age, you must not submit your information on this site. Our website, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 18 years old or older.

Pertaining to Consumers in California

Because we value your privacy, we have taken the necessary precautions to be in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act & California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). We therefore will not distribute your personal information to outside parties without your consent. If you choose to submit your information through our Site, we will connect you with moving service providers or other third parties in our network who can service your move. We receive compensation from third parties for this service. By law this is considered “selling of information”. The purpose of our business is to connect you with third-party service providers.
Users in California who do not wish to have their information sold should not fill out the quote request, should not call the number on the website and should exit this Site.

"Introducing California Residents to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) & California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA): Our Commitment to Your Privacy"

Under California law, customers residing in California are entitled to ask for information on how we distribute specific categories of data with other parties for marketing-related activities. If you wish to acquire this disclosure, kindly send an email to us at info@mymovingestimates.com. Make sure to include "California Privacy Rights Request" in your email subject line and state your name.

Understanding Your Rights and Options

As a California resident, you're protected under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which gives you rights regarding your personal information. This part provides a description of your rights under the CCPA and CPRA guidelines on how to use them.
The Right to Request Deletion of Data:
As a consumer, you possess the right to request the removal of any of your personal data that we've gathered and held, though there are certain exceptions. On receiving and confirming the validity of your request, our team, along with our service providers, will delete your personal data from our systems unless a particular exception necessitates otherwise. However, your deletion request may be denied under circumstances where we or our service providers need to:

  • Adhere to a legal obligation.
  • Detect, deter, and safeguard against malicious, deceptive, or illegal activities, and take legal action against those responsible.
  • Troubleshoot our offerings to identify and fix any errors that may hinder their intended operation.
The Right to Access Specific Information and Data Portability: As a consumer, you possess the right to ask us for details regarding our gathering and use of your personal data over the last 12 months. Upon receipt and validation of your legitimate consumer request, we will provide you with:
  • Your individual personal details that we've collected, which is part of what's known as a data portability request.
  • The categories of personal data we've compiled from you.
  • The sources from which we obtained the personal data.
  • The business or commercial intent behind our collection or sale of your personal data.
  • Third-party entities with whom we've shared your personal details.
If your personal information has been sold or disclosed for a business reason, we will provide two separate lists:
  • One list detailing sales, noting the types of personal data bought by each kind of recipient.
  • Another for business purpose disclosures, identifying the types of personal data obtained by each category of recipient.
Adhering to our Non-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation Commitment, we will not:
  • Provide you with goods or services of inferior or diminished quality.
  • Impose differential pricing for the same type of goods or services.
  • Deny you access to our goods or services.
We are dedicated to respecting your rights and ensuring no forms of discrimination or retaliation occur. We fully understand and appreciate the non-discrimination requirements set forth in the CCPA. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our business interactions, ensuring that every action we take, every policy we implement, respects these requirements, and upholds the spirit of fairness.

Usage Monitoring with Google Analytics

We cooperate with third-party providers like Google Analytics to better comprehend the usage of our Service. What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a service rendered by Google that assists us in tracking our website traffic and generating analytical reports. This collected data is used by Google to monitor the usage of our Service.
Data Sharing
Google may share this information with its other services. Furthermore, it can use this data to contextualize and personalize advertisements on its proprietary advertising network.
Opting Out
If you would rather not have your activity on our Service shared with Google Analytics, you can opt for a specific browser add-on - the Google Analytics opt-out extension. This tool prevents Google Analytics JavaScript files (ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) from sharing your visit information with Google Analytics.
Ad Viewing
Please note, opting out of Google Analytics tracking does not mean you will stop seeing advertisements on the internet. However, these advertisements will no longer be tailored to your interests based on your browsing habits.
Additional Information
For more details about Google's privacy practices, you can visit the Google Privacy & Terms webpage: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en. For further understanding of Google Ads and how to opt-out from Google Analytics, you can follow these links: Google Ads: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662856?hl=en&ref_topic=2971788 Google Analytics Opt-out: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/. Top of Form

How to use Your Rights to Access, Transfer, and Erase Data:

As outlined previously, you have certain rights to access, move, and remove your data. To exercise these rights into practice, follow the steps detailed below:

  • Submission of Request: Send us a verified consumer request. You can either visit mymovingestimates.com/legal to submit your request to delete or modify your information, or email us directly at info@mymovingestimates.com.
  • Verification: We will verify our records to confirm you are authorized to submit a request.
  • Frequency of Requests: Be aware that you're allowed to make a verified consumer request for access or data transfer only twice in a 12-month window.
  • Who Can Submit: This request can only be made by you, or someone legally registered with the California Secretary of State who you've granted authority to act on your behalf. If required, this verified consumer request can be submitted on behalf of your child as well.
  • Request Details: Your request must include: Sufficient information that enables us to verify that you are the individual about whom we've collected personal data or are an authorized representative. An explicit description of your request that provides us with a clear understanding, facilitating a proper evaluation and response.
  • Data Use: The personal data provided in such a request will solely be used to authenticate your identity or authority.

Our Process for Responding to Verified Consumer Requests:

The structure of our response process to a verified consumer request is as follows:

  • Delivery Method: We will provide our written response via email to the email address we have on file for you.
  • Initial Response Timeline: We strive to respond to your verified consumer request within 14 business days of receipt.
  • Extended Timeline: In certain circumstances, we may need up to 30 additional business days to respond. If this is the case, you will receive a written notification stating the reason for the delay and the expected length of the extension.
  • Disclosure Scope: Our response will only include disclosures covering the 12-month period immediately preceding the receipt of your verified consumer request.
  • Explanation for Non-compliance: If we are unable to comply with your request for any reason, our response will outline the specific reasons for non-compliance.

With any questions, please reach us at info@mymovingestimates.com


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