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Moving from Massachusetts to Florida

Massachusetts – what a great state! Home to Harvard, home to the first railroad in Boston during 1826. Just to go on and host the first subway in the U.S. in 1897. And it might be the state that you have been calling home. But if things have changed and you are now relocating to Florida – you have plenty to be excited about!

  • images/moving-from-massachusetts-to-florida-imgs
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  • Expect breathtaking beaches and adventurous outdoor experiences in Miami, Florida
  • Silhouette of trees during golden-hour, Miami


FACT: Massachusetts and Florida are 1346,7 miles apart.

Employment prospects, schooling, for family, or for pure change of scenery – relocating is a huge step. People relocate for various reasons and a huge number of Americans migrate domestically each year.

Interesting: Around 40 million Americans move interstate every single year. The current migration pattern is rising compared to the decade before, according to Forbes Magazine.



  • Capital: Boston
  • Population: 6,892,503
  • Surface Area: 27,336 km2


  • Capital: Tallahassee
  • Population: 21,477,737
  • Surface Area: 170,312 km2

Moving from Massachusetts to Florida? What are the costs?

Interstate moves are rarely cheap. And it’s understandable. The distance and size of the move are the two major factors when it comes to moving cost estimates. Other factors such as bulky furniture, arts & antiques, moving of hot tubs and pianos also influence the cost of the move.

So, how do you get cheap movers? Start off by getting as many moving estimates as possible! But be realistic…

Are you choosing premium apartment movers or do you need office-commercial movers? Both these moving services will cost more than standard full-service movers.

And there are other costs to consider. There are different types of moving insurance, specialty moving services, storage fees (if any), or perhaps your move is simply not as straightforward. All these factors will ultimately determine how much you pay for your relocation to Florida.

Equally important is the type of moving service you require. Renting a moving truck vs getting a full-service moving company, naturally, does not cost the same. Let’s compare these different types of moving services.

Hiring a DIY moving truck

Many consider hiring a DIY moving truck a good fit for a tight budget. Hiring a moving truck might appear to be a cheaper option and in some cases, it can be. But keep in mind that various other costs will still need to be covered. This includes taxes, tolls, fuels, additional costs per mile, and moving supplies. Not to mention that you might have to hire extra manpower, especially if you have bulky furniture.

TIP: Before deciding to hire a DIY moving truck, consider getting estimates from full-service movers to compare to the cost of the moving truck.

Full-service moving companies are a popular choice

Why do relocators love full-service movers? It leaves you with as little as possible to do. From packing to unpacking, loading, cleaning, and supplying all packing material and equipment. Everything is taken care of. Additional costs such as taxes, tolls, and fuel are also included. It is the easiest way to relocate!

TIP: Always verify the credibility of the full-service moving company you are considering.

What about hiring a moving container?

If you are looking for an affordable and flexible option – consider a moving container! Not sure of your moving date or some other moving particulars? Consider hiring a moving container. The benefits of hiring a moving container include security, affordability, and flexibility. It is also a good option for people who like to be hands-on.

Moving costs of full-service movers, containers and hiring moving trucks

Let’s look at the moving costs of the options you have available to you. The price of each option is heavily dependent on the size of your household and the distance of your relocation.

What are the costs of hiring full-service movers?

You are looking at over a 20-hour trip from Massachusetts to Florida, which makes the idea of using full-service movers, the better one. Not only will you not be responsible for hauling your freight of goods across the country but they will ensure all the packing, loading, unloading, unpacking is taken care of. All materials will be supplied and all costs will be covered!

Studio/1 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $1,880 to $3,120
2-3 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $2,970 to $4,632
4+ bedroom: Estimated Cost: $3,923 to $7,340
Office-Commercial Moving: Estimated cost: $9,500+

What is the cost of hiring a DIY moving truck?

It is cheaper than hiring full-service movers. Does it necessarily mean that in the end, you pay less for your relocation? No. You need to take into consideration that various charges are not included when you hire a moving truck. Hence why you should explore all your relocation options, compare the costs and see which meets all your requirements but still sits well within your budget.

Studio/1 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $1,081 to $1,459
2-3 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $1,264 to $1,706
4+ bedroom: Estimated Cost: $1,508 to $2,036
Office-Commercial Moving: Estimated cost: $3,200+

What is the cost of hiring a moving container?

Probably one of the most flexible moving options you have available is that of hiring a moving container. It allows you to play around with your moving timeline. Especially, if you do not have a set moving date but still need to get packing. You can hire moving containers, such as moving PODS monthly. Ideal for the less detailed moving plan. It is worth noting that usually tolls, taxes, and fuels are included in the rental fee of moving containers.

Studio/1 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $1,799 to $2,273
2-3 bedroom: Estimated Cost: $2,700 to $3,410
4+ bedroom: Estimated Cost: $3,376 to $4,265
Office-Commercial Moving: Estimated cost: $5,500+

Keep in mind! The actual cost of your move is highly dependent on the size of your move, whether you require additional service and truck parking access. The date of your move will also impact the total costs.

Hiring professional movers to relocate from Massachusetts to Florida

  • Professional movers are your best bet if you are relocating interstate
  • A red moving truck on a road

What does it take to execute the perfect cross-country move? In a nutshell, careful planning and finding the right professional moving company to relocate you from Massachusetts to Florida is the answer.

Professional moving companies handle furniture moving, storage, transportation, and all other all-inclusive moving services that help you relocate stress-free! Although some people opt to relocate, doing everything themselves, you should know it is a very big task!

Most will recommend finding a licensed and compliant moving company to handle all the hard work while you concentrate on settling into your new home. So, moving companies make relocating far less stressful but what else can you do to make your move easier and move manageable?

5 Tips to make your relocation less stressful

Relocation from Massachusetts to Florida is probably going to be one of the biggest journeys you embark on. And with that said, possibly the most stressful too. But it does not need to be! This is what you can do to make your relocation less stressful and more enjoyable.

Time management is important!

Timing is a major stress factor when relocating. And that’s why it is important that you give yourself enough time and also choose options that work well within your moving timeline.

For example, if you are moving on a tight schedule, you should definitely consider getting professional movers in to do the job. If you have a flexible moving timeline, you might consider hiring a moving POD.

It allows you to pack at your own pace and then have the POD transported once you are ready to move.

Keep everything organized

This is going to be a great time to test your most meticulous organization skills. Because you are going to need it! Staying organized will greatly reduce your moving stress! Using a moving timeline is probably the best advice anybody can give you!

It enables you to plan your move from 12 weeks ahead and acts as a guideline to systematically getting everything done before D-day! It is your best friend when it comes to the time management of your relocation.

TIP: Moving checklists will become your new little helpers!

Hire a professional moving/relocation company

You need tohire professional long-distance movers. It is probably the single most effective way you can reduce your moving stress. Moving heavy furniture, correct packing, and moving valuable goods are just some of those things you want to leave up to the professionals.

Relocating is a massive undertaking and one that requires professional services and proper supplies and equipment. If you were to do everything yourself, you are probably going to find yourself running up your stress levels faster than ever before. Simply because of the magnitude of the task at hand.

Get rid of the clutter

A streamlined relocation is a stress-free relocation. Before getting started on anything, start by getting rid of all your clutter. This means you will be able to get moving estimates that are not inclusive of things you do not intend to move. It gives you a reasonable idea of what you have to work with and you can start the process on a clean slate.

TIP: Host a yard sale to get rid of unwanted goods and make some cash in the process.

Ask for help!

Moving is a massive step and it requires so much planning and there are so many tasks that need to be done. Don’t neglect to ask for help. Family and friends are usually more than happy to help. It lightens your load and at the same time lowers your stress levels.

Brokers vs movers, which is your best option?

What the difference is between brokers vs movers? And which option is best suited for you?

Moving brokers, in layman’s terms, is the connection between you and the moving company. They find you a moving company, which means you do not have to collect moving estimates yourself.

The option which is best suited for you therefore completely depends on whether you would like someone to find you a moving company or whether you would like to do it yourself.

Have you found the right moving company?

From the start, you should narrow your search to the10 Best Long Distance Moving Companies! But how do you know you are dealing with a reputable company fit and equipped to handle your relocation? Here is how you can tell you have found the right one!

Check credentials with a fine-toothed comb!

All long-distance moving companies are required to be licensed movers. To verify whether they are, check the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

But take it a step further! The Better Business Bureau is another online platform that aims to protect consumers from fraudulent or less-than-ideal moving companies.

The first rule of getting a reputable moving company is to make informed choices. Let’s look at other steps you can take to ensure you do make an informed choice!

Is the moving company requesting a large deposit?

A deposit of more than 20 percent of the estimated moving cost should be avoided. If a company is requesting a larger than usual deposit, perhaps you need to accept that you have to continue your search.

Bad reviews and complaints?

With social media, forums, review platforms, and more – it is easy to get an idea of the reputability of a company. If you come across too many bad reviews and customer complaints steer clear from the company in question!

Likewise, if a company has a good reputation with loads of positive reviews and happy customers – the chances are, you’ve found a good candidate for your relocation.

Professional moving companies are usually more than happy to share references, which is another great way to ensure you know who you are dealing with before hiring a moving company.

Do you suspect a moving company is fraudulent?

If you come across a moving company that is not compliant with the rules and regulations, submit a complaint to your state or local consumer protection agency. The best method to combat relocation-related fraud is to report any suspicious activity.

Massachusetts vs Florida – Pros & Cons

Every state comes with its own set of pros and cons! The pros and cons of Massachusetts compared to the pros and cons of Florida will help you get an idea of not only what you will be left behind but it gives you a glimpse of what is in store for you!

Massachusetts: The Pros & Cons

Pros Details
Very best educational facilities From Harvard University to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts is a great state if you are looking for the very best educational facilities the country has to offer.
Safety first! Ranked as the fourth safest state in the country, it is considered one of the safest states. Massachusetts is a good choice if safety is a concern for you.
Public transport Massachusetts has great public transport. Especially in Greater Boston.
State of wealth Ranked the fourth richest state in America with an average income per household was more than $77,000.
Great healthcare system You will find two of the very best healthcare institutions available in all states, namely the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Cons Details
Expensive cost of living As the fourth richest state in America, the cost of living is also higher when compared to many other states. Massachusetts was rated the third most expensive in 2018.compared to estimated
Weird laws Massachusetts is known for a few strange laws. Perhaps familiarize yourself with the state laws of Massachusetts before relocating.
Limited space Massachusetts is densely populated. As a relatively small place and the third most densely populated state, it is quite limited in terms of space.
Lack of nightlife It’s not the best state to relocate to if you are big on the nightlife scene.
Less than perfect weather Massachusetts lacks great weather. Florida will most certainly outshine Massachusetts in terms of weather.

Florida: Pros & Cons

Pros Details
Outdoor sport galore If you are into outdoor sports and an array of water sports, you will love Florida. There is plenty of that on offer.
Mostly hot and sunny weather You can leave your snow shovel behind. You will experience some of the best weather in the country.
No state income tax A major pro! Florida has no income tax. That leaves you with something to smile about when relocating.
Cheaper housing Overall, Florida offers lower housing costs compared to many other states.
Discounted attractions experiences As a resident of Florida, you receive discounts to the most acclaimed local attractions.
Cons Details
Public transport Unfortunately, Florida does not have the best public transport systems.
Terrible traffic As a result of the lack of transport, traffic jams are quite common in Florida.
Traffic jams are real Expect major traffic congestion in Texas. Unfortunately, with a higher chance of motor vehicle accidents.
Intense weather Florida can throw around some wild weather patterns. From hurricanes to storms and heavy rains, expect anything! The humidity levels are also very high, all of the time.
Higher insurance Compared to other states, you will be paying higher insurance costs in Florida.

Massachusetts to Florida: Cost of Living

  • Compare the cost of living in Massachusetts compared to Florida before relocating
  • A woman writing her moving plans

You are probably wondering what the cost of living in Florida is like compared to the cost of living in Massachusetts. Right? Well, let’s compare the difference…

Cost of living in Massachusetts

The estimate cost of living in Massachusetts:

  • within a metro area
  • a family consisting of two adults and two children
  • Housing: $1,791
  • Food: $901
  • Childcare: $2,297
  • Transportation: $834
  • Health care: $823
  • Other: $1,086
  • Taxes: $1,579
  • Monthly Total: $9,310
  • Annual Total: $111,174

Cost of living in Florida

The estimated cost of living in Florida:

  • within a metro area
  • a family consisting of two adults and two children
  • Housing: $1,351
  • Food: $853
  • Childcare: $1,123
  • Transportation: $1,058
  • Health care: $1,027
  • Other: $889
  • Taxes: $789
  • Monthly Total: $7,081
  • Annual Total: $84,972

A glance at the top cities of Massachusetts

So, what are the top-rated cities in Massachusetts that you will be leaving behind?

  • Newtonville
    Newtonville is family-friendly with a population of around 8,000, of which most of them are homeowners. Newton offers great public choice, which is good to know if education is one of the deciding factors for your relocation.
  • Boston
    The capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a popular choice for relocators. Home to the first Dunkin’ Donuts and America’s first railway is a place that has plenty to offer.
  • Cambridge
    Cambridge is the place of great educational institutions. The University of Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT, Cambridge are all located in Cambridge.
  • Springfield
    Many significant inventions were developed in Springfield. Notable attractions include but are not limited to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield Armory National Historic Site, George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Springfield Science Museum, and the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.
  • Worcester
    Worcester offers a healthy economy and loads of fun things to do. Worcester can also be considered a hiker’s dream with beautiful parks scattered around the city.
  • Melrose
    Melrose is a popular city for young working-class people. With loads of outdoor activities available, great schools, and more, it makes the list of popular cities in Massachusetts.

A glance at the top cities of Florida

Since you are relocating to Florida, you might want to have an idea of the best-rated cities in Florida. Here are your top 5 rated cities in Florida.

  • Orlando
    First major attraction – Universal Studios and Walt Disney World! As you can imagine, Orlando attracts a great number of tourists. Not to mention that it is also home to SeaWorld and the famous Discovery Cove.
  • Miami
    If it is hustle and bustle you are after, Miami should be at the top of your list. Miami also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Interestingly, Miami is the only US city that was founded by a woman.
  • Tampa
    Tampa is often under-rated and is definitely one of the gem cities of Florida. What should you not miss in Tampa? The Florida Aquarium, Tampa Zoo, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Glazer Children’s Museum are all worth a visit.
  • Fort Lauderdale
    Looking for a more laid-back lifestyle? Then Fort Lauderdale is the place for you! Visit the stunning Fort Lauderdale beach, museums, or boardwalk and just enjoy the slower pace that comes with Fort Lauderdale.
  • St Augustine
    St Augustine comes with a romantic vibe and some old, European charm. It is simply lovely and will leave you breathless if you are lucky enough to relocate to St Augustine.
  • Sarasota
    Sarasota is a great place if you are looking for a family environment. Siesta Key and Lido Key are the most popular family beaches in this tropical urban oasis.
  • If you are relocating from Massachusetts to Florida, your planning and organizing will determine the success of your move
  • Notebook, pen, and plant on a white table

Your relocation game plan…

It all comes down to the planning! Moving checklists are the best way to ensure you stay on top of your moving game! With everything you need to do and remember, it’s best to keep a paper trail of your chores and tasks.

Don’t waste space – When you are relocating, it is probably a good time to consider a yard sale. You don’t want to pay for unnecessary goods to be moved and you also don’t want to cart your clutter halfway across the country.
Get Moving Quotes– It is one of the single most important things you need to do. Remember, you can get FREE moving quotes and you should as many as possible to compare before deciding on a moving company.
Book Movers in Advance – Once you have decided on a moving company of all the moving companies that submitted moving estimations; you can book yourfull-servicemovers. Do this as early as possible to ensure the movers are available on your moving date and to avoid costs for late bookings.
Packing Calendars Work – Packing is a major part of the moving process and that’s why a packing calendar does wonders! Pack your items according to what you need least to most. By the time you move, everything would have been well-organized and packaged for transport.
TIP: Essential Box – On the day of your move, you will still need access to some essential items. Pack these items in a separate box to ensure it is easily reachable.

Moving services to help you relocate to Florida

Furniture Transportation – The most obvious moving service that you need is that of furniture transport and this is where professional movers come in and do their charm work.
Long Distance Movers – Relocating to Florida means you will need long-distance movers. Ensure you only employ the services of licensed and complaint movers.

Bulky item movers – Some moving services such as Piano Transportation, Art and Antiques Movers, Hot Tub Movers, and Pool Table Movers are considered specialty moving services. These items should only be moved by professional movers to ensure safety and proper relocation.
Office Movers – If you are moving offices from Massachusetts to Florida, speak to your local office movers. The same rule applies, get as many estimates as possible to ensure you get the best deal available.

Last Minute Movers – You might be in a panic if you are moving on a tight moving timeline but rest assured, last-minute moving services are your ideal solution.

Moving from Massachusetts to Florida can be stress-free, if it is well-organized, and if you find the perfect moving company. Use this guide to help you every step of the way during your relocation to Florida.


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